Last Saturday Pam needed to move this cabinet to a different room to determine if it fit in a space she had in mind.  She had been looking for a piece of furniture to go in Lyndsey’s room.  After looking through a number of catalogues, she decided I could build the cabinet she wanted.  She wants something built similar to the one above that I had built a few years ago.  It sits in the hallway outside Lyndsey’s room.

I misunderstood and thought she wanted a new piece for the hallway and we were moving this cabinet to the other room.  The cabinet is full of candles, decorations, and “stuff” and is pretty heavy.  I had a little problem lifting my end because I still don’t have full-strength in my right hand.  We did manage to get it moved and it fit the space perfectly.  That is when I found out we had to move it back to the hallway because the piece she wanted made would go in Lyndsey’s room.

When we began moving the cabinet from the hallway and I was having difficulty lifting, I told her we needed an “army mule.”  She just looked at me with no comment.  I think she was wondering if I planned on bringing a mule in our home.  So, I just let that pass.  When I found out we were moving the cabinet back to the hallway, I told her it was time for the “army mule.”  I tried to describe this mule to her without success, so I went to the utility room, retrieved a broom (or mop) and showed her how an “army mule” was used.

I didn’t invent the “army mule,” I learned about it in the army.  When we had to move something to heavy to lift, we used the “army mule.”  We would get a buddy, lift one end of the object, and place the broom under it.  Then one person would pull on the broom while the other pushed on the object.  No lifting, just pulling and pushing across a wooden floor.  It works really well on carpet also.  So, Pam and I used the “army mule” and she discovered how easy it was…just pulling and pushing.

If you didn’t know what an “army mule” was before….now you know.

As we go through life we gain wisdom from our experiences.  I have not thought about the “army mule” for many years, but suddenly I remembered.  Many of the hardships of life are not overcome by our strength but the strength of the Spirit that lives within us.  These experiences provide us with the wisdom we will need in the future.  It is through our weakness that God is glorified.  Wisdom comes from remembering the strength and faithfulness of God in all circumstances.


2 Responses to ““ARMY MULE””

  1. Pam Says:

    I am thankful the”mule” did not live and breathe

  2. zburrows Says:

    I think I want that cabinet 😉

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