Bikers?  Not really, as you can tell.  Pam always insists we dress for Halloween and this year she chose for us to dress as bikers.  Why do we do this?  Good question.  We live in the country and are not on the “trick or treat” route for kids.  There is only one young boy in our neighborhood and I don’t know where he goes on Halloween.  We usually have a group of friends that come to our house for this occasion, so we began dressing up for them a few years ago.  When they arrive in their costumes, they are usually shocked when we open the door.  Last year I was dressed in a red flannel night-shirt, cowboy boots, and my “bull rider” Stetson hat.

A few years ago a couple arrived with their three boys and one girl.  We were in the middle of having supper.  The  kids were hungry from “trick or treating,” so they sat down and ate everything on the table…and then asked if there was any more food.

We only had one visitor this year, along with his mother and grandparents.  His mother always calls and informs us they are on the way.  Her son, Mason, always insists on coming to see us.  His grandparents live in Kansas on are not really familiar with our antics.  When I opened the door, they were a little surprised at our costumes.  They later visited my best friend and he told them we were probably a little embarrassed because we dress weird every weekend and probably didn’t know it was Halloween.



This is Mason dressed as Super Mario.  He has a great imagination and also dresses like his current hero.  He loves to come to our house and we love for him to come.  We usually invite he and his mom for mexican food at Martin’s Mexican restaurant every few weeks.  He is a delight to be with and is really something to behold when he eats salsa.  He is a multi-bowl consumer of salsa and chips.  I really think he has an addiction because his mother said she craved salsa when she was pregnant and consumed great amounts.  Pam can eat a lot of salsa, but she may have met her match with Mason.

What is Halloween all about?  To us it is for the children and being blessed by their presence in our home.  It is not about ghosts, goblins, etc., but about showing love to kids.  I guess each day of our lives should be about loving kids (and adults) because our Lord loves us.  Without the love of God, it is impossible to love others or even ourselves.  His love makes it all possible.  He loved us before we were even born and gave His life that we might be free.


One Response to ““BIKERS???””

  1. Pam Says:

    And we do love the mason!!!

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