I finally finished the bookcase for Sir Jansen of Hurst Castle.  This is a picture taken in my shop.  The top section allows for adjustable shelves.  One shelf is shown here.

Here is the bookcase with the additional shelf and they may be adjusted at 2″ spacing.  Pam and I drove to Hurst Castle in Nassau Bay to see Jansen and visit with Stephen and Chelsea (mom & dad) on Saturday.

I had promised Chelsea a woodworking project for the addition to the family some months ago.  She decided on a bookcase and gave me the dimensions for where she wanted it placed in Jansen’s room.  They have decorated and provided Jansen with a very special room.

After getting the bookcase situated in its proper place, Pam and I were blessed with holding Jansen while we visited with Stephen, Chelsea, and their visiting friends.


As I post these pictures  I became aware of how often we don’t record ALL of our memories.  Pam was also able to hold Jansen, but I didn’t think about taking her picture.  I guess it is just a man’s “thing.”  I know that recording memories is an “emotional” thing and men just don’t operate on that basis.  We think we are big, macho warriors.  A few months ago, Lyndsey asked me to locate some pictures of she and Pam when she (Lyndsey) was a baby.  When I started my search through all the picture albums,  I became aware that there were many more pictures of Lyndsey and I than for she and Pam.  How very unthoughtful of me during those early days.  I wish I had taken the initiative to be a photographer a lot more than I did.

After visiting with Chelsea and Stephen for a while, we continued on the remainder of our adventure.  We traveled to Galveston and located a condo I had been trying to find for quite a while.  It belongs to a friend of mine and we had stayed there when Lyndsey was a baby.  We finally located the condo, drove by and saw Chelsea’s parent’s house, and then went to the Strand and an early dinner at Willie G’s Seafood Restaurant.  While at Willie G’s, I noticed a family of four taking pictures of their outing.  Each picture they took, there was a family member missing….someone had to take the picture, right?  I asked if I could take their picture for them and they readily agreed and appreciated it very much.

 Now I know why there were so many pictures of Lyndsey and I without Pam.  Someone had to take the picture and it should have been me a lot more times.  Most of our very precious memories are the three of us on some kind of adventure somewhere.  Now I wish I could have “overs.” 

So, you men…take the time to be a photographer for your family or volunteer for another family.  Record those beautiful memories that will mean so much in years to come.

Pam and I were blessed this weekend visiting with a beautiful young family.  I pray God’s blessings on them each day of their lives.  May they live in the abundance of God’s love and be an example of that love.


One Response to ““JANSEN’S BOOKCASE””

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    the second picture of you holding Jansen made me cry in my state of the art work station

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