This past weekend Pam was in Panhandle, Texas visiting her parents.  Her dad was being honored for his long service as deacon at The First Baptist Church.  This was a short turn-around trip for her.  She was there two weeks before for a highschool reunion.  I usually spend time in the shop during her absent.  This was a time to finish Jansen’s bookcase so I could deliver it to Hurst Castle.  I finished the bookcase on Saturday morning, transplanted some Hydrangea bushes, and repaired a garden hose so I had some time on my hands.  I decided to create a bowl.  It had been a while since I had done any work on my lathe.

The picture above is the work in process.  When asked how I make a bowl, I always reply that I remove all the wood that is not the bowl.  So, this work in process still needs a little fine tuning to remove everything that is not the bowl.

I was talking to Lyndsey and mentioned that I was making a bowl.  She asked who it was for, and I told her I wasn’t sure yet.  A few months ago I made a bowl for each person in her office…except Lyndsey.  I told her what the bowl looked like and I thought it would be very beautiful.  She reminded me that the only bowl she has is a small bowl I made her when she was at The University of Texas.  It was just a small bowl that you put your “stuff” in.  She didn’t have a large bowl for her “nest.”  I took this picture with my camera and sent it to her.  The next time I talked to her she said, “I WANT THAT!”, just like the woman did in “Napoleon Dynamite.”

I finished the bowl Monday night and below is the finished product.  All the “non-bowl” wood has been removed.

This bowl has 33 pieces of wood.  One piece of pine for the base, 16 pieces of cedar for the two darker rings, and 16 pieces of red oak for the lighter rings.  It is 11 inches across and 4 inches tall.  This is one of my larger bowls.  Most of the time they are 6″ to 8″ across.

Now that it is finished, I will need send it to Lyndsey so she can find a home for it in her little “nest.”

As I was taking these pictures this morning, I looked at the decorations in our dining area. 

Looking at the fall decorations I realized how blessed I am to have a wife like Pam.  She honors me with all the things she does to make our house a home.  When the seasons change, Pam goes to the attic and retrieves the proper decorations.  Those who know her, know that she is very organized and our attic is arranged to easily find the proper decorations for Christmas, Easter, July 4th, etc.  If you will look at the last picture, you will notice that even the M & M’s are in the “fall colors.”

Back to Lyndsey’s bowl.  I hadn’t forgotten that she didn’t have a large bowl for her apartment.  And, I was not waiting for her to tell me she needed a bowl.  Lyndsey and I have a very special “father-daughter” relationship.  She is not afraid to let her wants and needs be known to her father.

This is the kind of relationship God wants to have with His children.  He is aware of all our needs…and wants.  He is the Provider of all our needs and often provides some of our wants as a bonus.  Our relationship with God is based on faith and action.  We are not to just sit around complacently waiting for God to provide all our needs.  In faith, we are to take action and ask God for our needs.  God is faithful as our Provider and I believe there are many times He has already set aside a blessing for us and is waiting for us to just ask.

So, when you have needs, ask God.  In times past, when God was faithful in providing my needs, I can only wonder:  Has He been patiently waiting for my prayer?  Has He wanted to ask me why I waited so long to ask?




3 Responses to ““LYNDSEY’S BOWL””

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    I cant wait for my bowl

  2. john Says:


    excelent info, keep it coming…

  3. robert Says:


    excelent post, keep it coming…

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