Concerning my previous “Measure Twice – Cut Once” post, I had a revelation during a dream last night.  I am working on a special project for Jansen.  My progress has been slower than I desire, but with working and therapy on my hand, it appears to have been a good thing. 

The construction of the project called for measuring (twice), cutting, and glueing the boards together to achieve the proper measurements.  I have had the boards glued together for some time now and the next step was to again measure the individual parts for the proper size (trimming).

There are twelve individual parts.  With the exception of the four legs and the top, each piece must be trimmed to the exact size of the plans I had drawn.  Pam is in Panhandle, Texas, for her highschool class reunion, so I have more shop time available.  Last night I measured (twice) each piece that needed to be trimmed to size.  Now I will be ready to make the final cut on each part and begin to put everything together.

The plans above are not the plans that I drew, so it is not a picture of  the special project for Sir Jansen of Hurst Castle.  So, Chelsea (MOM), you are not getting a sneak preview.  This picture is just for illustration purposes.

I was excited to make my final cuts tonight and be able to see the end results of the picture I had in my mind.  In my dream last night, the revelation came that I had measured one piece wrong.  Duh!  Your have got to be kidding….I made a wrong measurement.  There are four pieces that have the same measurements for length, but one of the pieces is 3/4″ wider than the others.  I had measured and marked all the pieces the same, so one of the will be 3/4″ short in width if I trim the same amount off each piece.

So, this morning early, I went to the shop and looked back at the plans I had drawn.  Well, my unconscious mind was correct and my conscious mind was wrong.  I realized this morning that I had left off something very important in my original post.  While “measuring twice,” it is necessary to also look at the plans twice.  Now, I will be able to make the proper cuts with my saw.

I am getting anxious for Pam and I to deliver Jansen’s project, but I’m sure that his parents would appreciate a finished project that all the perfectly cut parts to be delivered are assembled.

This is what I wrote on the original post:

Hearing from God is very similar to the title of this post.  When we believe we hear from God, that is the “first measure.”  It is never as misleading as lumber measurements.  But, at the same time, we still need to “measure twice.”  This “second measure”  is checking The Scriptures to see if what you believe you heard lines up with what God says.  Now, if both measures agree, it is time to “cut” or take action with full assurance you are doing the right thing.  The “second measure” is when we depend not on ourselves, but on God’s Word.  Now comes the “fine tuning” as we act in faith and obedience.

So, after my dream last night, I realized that in life we must continue to refer back to God’s plans.  And, we must continually be listening for His instructions and any change in His plan.  Last night in my conscious mind, I was ignoring the project plans.  It is like that in life when our attention is on the world rather than the Spiritual.  Sometime it is much easier to hear from God when our conscious mind is at rest.  Believe what you may, but I believe God kept me from making the wrong cuts tonight.  He also taught me another valuable lesson:  Always be listening for His voice and instructions in order to stay focused on His plans.



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