Agony - Misery Ft, Knox KY

The original “Agony – Misery” blog was posted on March 30, 2010.  Since that time, there have been 155 views and 5 comments.  People continue to view the post almost daily.  I have often wondered why.  Of the comments, 1 was from my daughter and the other 4 were from men who trained at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  I was there in 1956-57, one was there in 1955-56, one in 1958, one in 1990 and one in 2000. 

Last night I realized if each viewer had posted a comment, I would have had 150 opportunities.  Did people view the post because they had served in the military, are serving today in the military, they are parents of those currently serving, or were they non-military and just having a bit of “misery and/or agony” in their lives.

What opportunities could I have missed?  If you are former military, I would have had the opportunity to thank you for your service to our country whether in war-time or peace.  I volunteered for the draft in August, 1955, with four of my friends.  I never questioned my obligation to serve my country and was lucky to serve between Korea and Viet Nam.  If you are now on active duty, I could have encouraged you in your sacrifice and pray God’s protection over you at this time.  If you were a parent with a son or daughter training at Fort Knox, I could have joined you in prayer for your family.

It always seems more effective to me when I get encouragement from someone who has previously experienced “agony and misery.”  Maybe there was an opportunity to lift someone’s spirit that had nothing to do with Fort Knox or the military.  Each of us at some time will experience difficult periods and it is through this that we grow.  This experience will qualify us for comforting others in their time of need.  It feel like this is not only an opportunity, but an obligation…just like serving our country.

I am proud to have served in the army and want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have served and are currently serving.  I ask each viewer of this post, to take time to leave a comment and join me in giving thanks to God for each of those who are currently serving or have served in the past.  Whatever each of us can do for those in “harms-way,” I know will be appreciated.  So to each of those serving, I pray for God’s protection and return them safely to the family and loved ones.

So, I issue a challenge.  Bless someone today!


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  1. weight Says:

    yeah my dad will like this

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