When traveling, I often listen to Carl Hurley on XM’s “Laugh USA.”  For those who are unfamiliar with Carl, he makes you laugh and appreciate life at the same time.  Carl grew up in a two-room cabin in the Appalachian foothills of Kentucky.  He often says, “We lived so far out in the country we had to go towards town to hunt.”  Carl became a tenured professor after he received his doctorate in education.  He is known as “America’s funniest professor!”  I enjoy his ability to take everyday events and everyday people to give laughter to people across the nation.

One day I heard him talking about telemarketers.  In his routine I could only hear his end of the telephone conversation.  The caller asked for his parents and Carl said they weren’t home.  He asked Carl’s age and the response was 10 years old (I think) and weighed 400 pounds.  When asked if anyone else was home, he told the caller that Grandma was in the attic but his parents had told him not to tell anyone.  He said the insurance company thought Grandma had died.  Anyway, Carl talked so long, the telemarketer was worn out and finally hung up.

I take a short “power” nap each day at lunch, except on Tuesday.  Tuesday is what my friend and I call our “accountability day.”  I have been taking these naps for about 40 years.  I also take a Sunday afternoon nap.  After years of telling Pam how refreshing my Sunday naps were, she finally joined me.  Most of my friends are very aware of my Sunday naps and refrain from calling during this time.

There was a time when I kept getting calls from telemarketers for TV satellite systems.  I have signed up on the National No-Call list, but many telemarketers don’t play by the rules.  I am not the happiest person in the world when I get awaken from my Sunday nap.  For a while it seemed like I received a call every Sunday afternoon.  I had finally had enough!  I thought about how Carl Hurley handled the situation.

One Sunday as I was enjoying a real good nap, the phone rang.  The caller said he wanted to make an appointment to install the satellite system I had purchased.  I asked when I had made this purchase, because I was getting old and my memory was failing me.  I could hear the shock on the other end of the line.  He wasn’t sure how to proceed now.  He told me I had really not made a purchase yet, but he wanted to set an appointment so I could take advantage of this opportunity.  I CHANGED THE SUBJECT!  I told him I was really glad he called because my business had been really slow and I wanted him to come to the office to talk about his retirement planning.  He tried to take back control of the conversation, but I was on a roll and really enjoying myself.  I kept pressing for an appointment with him.  HE HUNG UP!!!

This ended my Sunday afternoon calls for the most part.  It’s been about three years since I have been called anytime about a satellite system.  On most Sundays, we have a very restful nap. 

If you have read my posts, you know I always have a lesson at the end.  Right now I am trying to think of what lesson can be derived from this.  So, I am going to take a break and meditate.

Telemarketers always have the same goal.  They want to make a sale.  First, the satellite system marketer tried to tempt me with an offer.  When that didn’t work, he tried deception saying I had already purchased a system.  The only thing that was accomplished was disturbing my nap.  When I responded rather than reacted, I was back in control and was able to return to my peaceful nap.  This is much the way of satan.  He is roaming the earth to steal from us.  Satan has no power over us.  He can only steal what we allow him to.  Satan’s goal is always the same.  If one temptation doesn’t work, he tries to present it any another way, but his goal is always the same.  He wants to separate us from God and replace our peace with chaos.  If our focus remains on God, satan fails in his attempts.  Just as he did in The Garden of Eden, he always works through deception.



  1. jim Says:

    this is awesome man

  2. weight loss calculator Says:

    trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

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