In early summer of 2006 I was reading my Texas Co-Op Power magazine.  It always has some interest articles, recipes, and a schedule of the upcoming events around Texas.  I saw that Waco was having their Eleventh Annual Margarita & Salsa Festival.  It was held at the Heart of Texas Fair Complex for the benefit of The Arthritis Foundation.  They were having contests for the best margarita and salsa.  Also, there were a number of country & western singers, including Pat Green.  I talked Pam into letting me enter her in the salsa making contest because she makes the very, very best.  There were pretty strict rules.  She must prepare her salsa in a certified kitchen or prepare on site. 

We decided to prepare ahead of time due to the long drive to Waco.  We have a friend who owns a restaurant and he allowed Pam to use his kitchen and sent along documentation as appropriate.  She had to prepare 4 gallons of salsa.  Early on Saturday morning we placed the salsa in a cooler and headed to Waco for a summer adventure.

As you can see from the pictures above, Pam always does things with “excellence.”  Not only was her salsa the best, her table was decorated the best.  We had to load all of the necessary decorations for her salsa table.  There were about twenty judge and they worked in pairs.  There were so many contestants it was not possible for each judge to taste test each and every salsa.  Pam was in competition with Mexican restaurants and individuals around the Central Texas area.  She was the only contestant from another area.

When they opened the building to allow the thousands of people in attendance to sample the margaritas and salsa, it was a real mad house.  We furnished the salsa and the festival furnished the tortilla chips.  We ran out of chips twice and the tables near us contributed their chips to our table.  After the judging we had a couple come to our table because they had heard Pamlita’s Salsa was the very best.  They had quite a few samples and agreed.  They discovered something I had known for years.  PAM MAKES THE BEST SALSA!!!!

We had to go out in the heat and listen to the music while waiting for the results of the judging.  Finally, the winners were announced and Pam was awarded second place.  (I had already awarded her first place.)  The judges were wrong, of course, but considering the competition, she did well.  So, it was a very enjoyable adventure for us.  Pam received a check for $250 so she came out pretty well.  The only thing I was out was the usual overnight travel expenses…food, gas, motel, and Starbucks coffee. 

When the next month’s co-op magazine came out, I noticed a Cajun gumbo and waltzing contest in South Texas.  I called Pam and told her I had signed us up.  Not only is she the best salsa maker, but she makes the best every Cajun gumbo.  And, not to be bragging, but were are the best waltzers in this part of the state.  The reason for this is because she taught me the waltz…and we really love it.  For a while she thought I was serious about this new adventure.  I finally confessed that I was only kidding.  She was really disappointed because she was ready for a South Texas adventure.

I mentioned above about Pam doing everything with “excellence.”  Well, that is something that I have learned from her over the years.  Whatever you do, do it with excellence.  This especially holds true when you do something unto  the Lord, do it with “excellence.”  When you do that, God is blessed and so are you.  When you do unto others with “excellence,” they are blessed and that is also pleasing to the Lord.


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