From the “Wisdom” Book:

Pride makes

us do things well.

But it is love that makes us

do them to perfection.

Dad (H. Jackson Brown, Sr.)

Thimble Shelf for Pam’s Mother

When I first began woodworking projects, I had just a few small tools.  I also made small projects that were easier for my limited expertise.  One Christmas Pam gave me a router.  It took me a year to work up enough nerve to use this new piece of equipment.  Amy’s “Thimble Shelf” was the first project with my new (year-old) router.  Amy had been collecting thimbles for years and all of her shelves were full.  Pam suggested I build the shelf for her mother’s Christmas present.  The picture above was the results of my first router project.

As I continued my woodworking there was a need for more and larger tools.  I guess at this point in time I have more tools than I will ever need. 

It has always be our custom to go to Pam’s parents for Christmas.  I believe we have missed our Christmas trip to Panhandle, Texas only three times in the past 32 years.  For many years her family drew names for the family member we would give our Christmas gift to.  After making the thimble shelf for Amy, I decided I would make the gifts I would give at Christmas.  I have always felt it was a little more personal to do this.

Alyson’s Coffee Table

This was an interesting project for Pam’s sister one Christmas.  It is a coffee table with a removable top that can be used as a serving tray. 

Teresa’s Bedside Table

This is really a bench with storage that can be used as a lamp table beside the bed.  To the best of my memory, this was a gift for Pam’s sister Teresa.  If I am wrong, please forgive me Teresa.  It has been quite a few years and I have not made notations on my project pictures.

Pam’s Hanging Hutch & Dining Table

A few years ago Pam requested a shelf to display her plates.  I found the plans for this “Hanging Hutch.”  She later bought some black dining room chairs which didn’t match our dining room set.  We decided to sell the table and chairs and I would build her a new table.  The middle picture is the dining table in progress.  The table was a different type of project for me.  We wanted the table to seat eight people and didn’t want anyone to have to straddle a table leg.  So, I found a plan for a pedestal table.  I made this table using no nails or screws.  Only pegs were used to join the various components.  The pedestal was painted black, to match the chairs, and the top was stained pecan to match the back part of the hutch.  It was a challenge to use only pegs to hold everything together.


Lyndsey’s Bench w/Storage

On one of the redecorating projects for Lyndsey’s bedroom, Pam wanted a bench.  So, I drew a plan and this is what I came up with.  The seat lifts up and there is a lot of storage space under the seat. 

This post is not about my pride in what projects I have built or a showcase for those projects.

The “pride” I have gives me the ability to see the end results, draw the plans, and solve the problem of how to make things come together.  The planning of a project is probably the most exciting part for me.  I see it as a problem to be solved and tackle that problem with gusto.  The “love” I have for the person the project is built for is expressed in the finishing touches of each project.  These finishing touches usually include 4 or 5 coats of finish, with hand rubbing after each coat.  “Hand Rubbing” consists of rubbing with very vine steel wool, rotten stone powder, and mineral oil to accomplish a finish that invites you to just feel it.  It is this finishing method that I want the person to feel the love I have for them.  As it says in the above quote, “pride” allows us to do things well and “love” brings perfection.  TLC brings perfection. 

We are to be proud of the gifts and talents that are provided by God.  This is not pride in ourselves but in God’s provision for us.  We are to use these gifts in love for the Glory of God.  Love is also a provision from God, because God is Love.  Without God there is no love.




2 Responses to ““PRIDE VS. LOVE””

  1. RootsAndRings Says:

    Oh I LOVE that storage bench!!

    I can’t wait to have my very own JB Original!!

  2. pam Says:

    gosh, when i look at the beautiful pictures of the beautiful things
    in our home..i love them all over again!!! and yes, i feel the love

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