From the Wisdom book:

Two stonecutters were

asked what they were doing.

The first said, “I’m cutting

this stone into blocks.”

The second replied, “I’M on a

team that’s building a cathedral.”

Old Story

Teamwork is an attitude.  I will never forget the first instructions I received after entering the United States Army.  Our drill sergeant informed us we were in the army and from this point on we were not required or allowed to “think.”  REALLY?  He said the army would now do our thinking for us.  By army, I soon realized he was talking about anyone who outranked us….which was everybody.  There is no rank below “nothing.”

We soon learned that each of us are only a part of a team.  I was part of a squad, which was part of a platoon, which was part of a company, which was a part of a battalion, which was part of a combat command, which was part of a division, which was part of the army.  So, you can see the insignificance of  each individual.  They are only valuable after an “attitude” adjustment. 

When basic training started. I didn’t realize it was just an “attitude” adjustment.  I thought my superiors were there for the sole purposes of killing me.  As I look back, they were trying to kill my “attitude.”  It was necessary that I focused on how to adjust my attitude to the team concept, rather than how the team will fit into my idea of how the army should work. 

So, it wasn’t true that I no longer needed to think.  Once “thinking” was taken away from me, the army was able to teach me how to think that would make me a part of the team.  Once the squad began to think as “one,” they began to fit into the platoon which began to fit into the company, etc.  The right thinking and attitude makes a team out of a group of individuals.

So it is in the Kingdom of God.  When Jesus enters our hearts, there are major attitude adjustments.  Each time we have an encounter with God is causes a crisis of belief.  If we are going to follow His direction, it takes faith and action.  It is just like that first day in the army.  We must cease to think on our own and do a lot of listening to find out where we fit in His Team. 





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