I just looked out my office window and saw the rain dripping off the roof.  It’s been a while since we’ve had rain.  This is just a sprinkle, but it is better than nothing.  Maybe it will rain more during the weekend.

I’d like

to be rich enough so

I could throw soap away

after the letters are

worn off.

Andy Rooney

Often, I just don’t have anything to write for my blog.  This has been one of those days.  The subject I always choose must be one that I can include a small lesson or thought.

As I saw the rain dripping off the eave, I remember the rain when I was growing up.  We didn’t have a lot of money for toys so many times we had to make our own from what was available.  When it came time to ride a “stick horse,” I could take a hatchet and cut a small sapling and tie a string around it for reins.  It was fun but it really didn’t save any energy from riding it.  Pistols were made from a forked limb and I used my mother’s peddle sewing machine to make a cloth scabbard.  It was just as accurate as the store-bought pistols.

Back to the rain.  One of my favorite activities when it was raining was sitting on the porch and making bubbles to float out in the rain.  We used a dish, bar of soap, and a wooden spool (for thread).  We would catch a little water dripping off the eaves, place the soap in the dish, and rub the spool on the soap until the hole was covered by suds.  Then, we could blow from the other end of the spool until a bubble was formed.  It was a lot like the bubble loops the kids use today. 

We tried to outdo each other on size of bubble, and when the bubble was released…who’s bubble floated the longest before it hit the ground or was burst by raindrops.

I have always been amazed at the pretty colors in bubbles and rainbows.  In Noah’s day, after the world was destroyed by flood, God placed a rainbow in the sky.  I know it must have been the most beautiful thing ever seen on earth.  If our soap bubbles had such beautiful colors, I know that God’s rainbow must have been beyond compare.  He gave the rainbow as a sign of the covenant He made to never destroy the world again by flood.  Each time it rains and a rainbow appears, I remember God’s first rainbow and His covenant.  And, I am  thankful for all the beautiful things that God provides for out enjoyment.  May I never take these Blessings for granted.


One Response to ““BUBBLES””

  1. zburrows Says:

    Young jerry sat still for a long time to make bubbles!

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