I had a visit with my “hand” doctor yesterday.  He was very pleased with my surgery.  I never know whether he is pleased with his surgery or pleased for my level of recovery.  I am not being critical of him.  He is one of my all-time favorite doctors.  He always has a friendly smile that gives his patients a lift.  At least that is the way it affects me.  He is a small built man and reminds me of Dustin Hoffman.

My problem was “Basal Joint Arthritis of the Thumb.”  The basal joint of the thumb (Carpal-MetaCarpa joint) is located at the base of the thumb, adjacent to the wrist.  It is a very mobile joint, normally allowing a significant amount of motion to help position the thumb.  This arthritis may occur as the result of an injury.  In my case, it was doing some plumbing repair without the proper tools (earlier post).  The process results in the loss of the protective cartilage cushion of the joint, causing a painful condition where bone rubs on bone.

The most common form of surgery is to remove one of the bones that form the thumb CMC joint, and replace it with soft tissue from an adjacent tendon.  The bone that is removed is called the trapezium.  A wrist tendon is used to rebuild a ligament for the joint, and then fill the joint space with soft tissue.  A temporary pin is used to hold the joint in place for 4 weeks while the tissue heals.  This removes the arthritis.  Therapy is required, and recovery of strength is experienced for at least one year.

In other words, I had a joint removed from my hand and it was replaced by two tendons in my arm.

I have had 12 physical therapy visits and have another 6 more to go.  The “hand” doctor is pleased, my physical therapist is pleased, and I am pleased.  So, now my doctor says:  “No Restrictions.”  This means I can resume my normal activities.  I started back with my exercise program last night and the doctor says I can operate my lawn tractor again.  I called Chelsea last night to tell her that I would be able to begin the project I promised for the soon arriving “Jansen.”

“No Restrictions” means that I can resume my normal activities such as exercising, yard work, woodworking, etc.  It does not mean that there are no limitations.  I will still not be able to play major league baseball, play quarterback in the NFL, or perform “Superman” heroics.  When the doctor told me I had “no restrictions,” I thought maybe I will be able to do a lot of things that I had never done.  No so!  But believe me, after the past two months, doing the normal every-day things sounds good to me.


When God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden, he placed one restriction on them.  They could eat of any tree in the garden except the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”   If they ate of that tree they would surely die (be separated from God).  They ate.  They were thrown out of the garden and became separated from God.  How many times do we ignore the restrictions placed on us?  It is then that we know how Adam and Even felt when they left the garden.  It is a very lonely and miserable feeling.  It can only be removed when we come back to fellowship with our God.


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