Well, I didn’t kill the thorn bushes in the top picture.  They will probably look better than they did when they were 8 feet high and/or when they looked like dead sticks.

The Crepe Myrtle, before being photographed in the first picture was probably 20 feet tall.  It is coming along nicely now and is just beginning to bloom.

When we don’t give our trees and plants proper care, they tend to get “out of control.”  Normally you accomplish this by a gentle pruning.  I my case, I omitted the gentle pruning until the bushes were not only out of control, but they were controlling me.  I said in my earlier post about the thorn bushes:  “It’s either me or them.  I will get them under control or kill them.”  It looks like they will survive and be attractive again.

I need to do a little trimming on the Crepe Myrtle at the bottom or it will be in the way of my lawn tractor.  Plus, it is not attractive with all the lower new limbs.  Speaking of mowing!  After my hand surgery I have been unable to mow.  It was necessary to hire someone.  In all my years, I had never let anyone mow my lawn.  It was really hard for me to keep from micro-managing the hired hand.  I mow clockwise.  The first thing I noticed was he mowed counter-clockwise.  It was time for me to go in the house and not look anymore until the job was finished.  He did a great job.

Do plants feel pain when major pruning is performed?  I think not.  “No pain, no gain” doesn’t apply to them.  It takes no discipline on their part to put on new growth.  They are provided with life-giving sap from their beginning.

When I had surgery on my hand in June, I realized what “No pain, no gain” meant.  I am now in physical therapy and after each session, the pain lessens and strength increases. 

Early in the year, Pam and I went on a diet of eating the proper health-giving foods.  We were eating 6 times each day and I lost 15 pounds in 12 days.  The difference in eating twice and 6 times each day is that I was then eating the proper foods.  I needed more protein.  The body shaping diet also included specific exercises for each of us.  I discovered my main problem was my habit of eating snacks and sometimes just eating.  At first it was hard for me, so it took discipline.  When my body began to change shape and my “love handles” began to disappear, it was encouraging.  As soon as I fully recovery from hand surgery I will be able to return to the exercise program.  I have also relaxed on my eating discipline and need to rid myself of the 5 pounds I have gained back.

I have a friend who asked her daughter, ” Are you hungry, or just bored?”  That is something to think about.

When I let my plants get out of control, it was necessary to take drastic measures.  But, they are becoming more attractive each day.  So it is when we let our lives get out of control.  Without discipline directed by God, we become unattractive to Him.  He still loves us but we are just not pleasing to Him.  Instead of using bad habits as our crutch, it is necessary to use the only crutch we need…..God.  Sometimes God must make major adjustment in our lives and we again realize:  “No pain, no gain.”  Only He can remove the wild growth we have experienced and the bad habits we are plagued with.  The discipline required for these adjustments is much easier when we place our faith in God.


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