Did you ever get a round “tuit?”  Someone gave me this round wooden “tuit” years ago.

How many times have your parents asked you about something they asked you to do by saying, “DID YOU GET AROUND TO IT?”  Parents usually know the answer before they ask.  Not just parents, but spouses, friends, bosses, etc.  If I hadn’t complied with the request, I usually had to say, “NO.”

Now, I have a definite advantage over many people.  If I am asked:  “Did you get around to it?”  I can truthfully reply “YES” because I did get a round “tuit” a few years ago and I keep it handy.

Many times we pray to God for a specific blessing or a way to get out of some trouble we are in.  God is ready to give us His very best and bless us more than we can imagine.  I have found over the years that a request to God usually requires some action on our part.  These requirements are nothing new.  These are the things that we should do every day.  When our prayers are not answered, maybe it’s because what is required of us we just never “got around to it.

Prayers are answered by God because we have a relationship with Him.  All relationships require both parties to talk and listen.  So, when asking God for a solution, listen for that “Small Voice” that will tell us what is required of us.





One Response to ““DID YOU GET A ROUND TUIT?””

  1. RootsAndRings Says:

    At Stephen’s office, they have to say, “No, it was not my priority.” Because realistically, you COULD have gotten around to it if you felt it was important enough.

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