This is a picture of my speedometer while I was parked in the driveway before going to work Thursday.

This is a picture of my speedometer when I arrived and stopped in the parking lot at the office.

A few days ago I noticed my speedometer read “0” as I drove to work.  When I stopped at the first traffic light, it was still reading “o,” but when I left the traffic light it worked fine.  It continued to do this early each morning, but worked fine later in the day.

It was doing the same thing when I left for Beaumont and the doctor visit on Wednesday, but it worked fine after a few minutes.  On my return trip home…everything okay.  Pam wanted to eat at Martin’s Mexican Restaurant on Wednesday night.  As I drove through downtown Jasper, I looked at the speedometer and it indicated I was traveling 120 MPH……..downtown!!!  I thought I was having a pretty smooth ride for that speed but was hoping I could stop for the next traffic light.  I checked my tachometer and it was normal….no red line situation.  So, I had faith I was not traveling as supersonic speed.

Yesterday morning as indicated by the above pictures, I was parked at 35 MPH and when stopped at the office parking lot I was still going 93 MPH.  It’s only three miles to work but I experienced an indicated speed of 140 MPH.   WOW AND WOW!!!!

I have an appointment with my mechanic this morning to remove the extra excitement of traveling.  It will also remove the mystery of wondering just how fast I am really driving.

So it is with life.  Sometimes we are traveling life’s road at the speed God intended when we discover that our measurement of speed is different than that of God.  The speed we are traveling is an indication of the effort we “think” we are putting into our relationship with God and our service to Him.  We must always take our eyes off our own speedometer and look at God’s tachometer to bring us back to His plan for us.

What I am trying to say, with great difficulty, is that our speedometer represents the world’s view and the tachometer represents the truth and God’s view.

Have a great July 4th and walk in God’s blessing.


2 Responses to ““SPEEDOMETERS””

  1. zburrows Says:

    I can’t believe you were driving so fast. Not having a spedometer probably doesnt affect you very much. But it would not be good for me.

  2. David Black Says:

    Very True! Have a safe trip and don’t drive too fast…Praying your hand, wrist and more heal completely and at the speed of God.
    Love and Blessings,

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