Lyndsey told me to issue a warning about viewing these picturs…so you are warned!!!


These pictures were taken one week after surgery when Pam and I visited the doctor to get my first cast.  My arms really look like a mess now.   A few posts ago I had pictures showing the attack by my thorny shrub.  Those wounds were a lot less painful than the surgery.  My doctor told me a had major surgery…it is my neighbor who had minor surgery.  This is his way of being funny.  But, I guess what affects each of us is a lot more important than what affects others.

This is my new cast.  I had the first one removed yesterday.  I will have to wear this one ten days and then the doctor will remove it and the pin in my thumb.  Then I will have a time of physical therapy.

When I arrived at the doctor yesterday the nurse came in and picked up a miniature “skil” saw and asked me if I was ready.  I, of course, said yes.  When she began to saw the cast off, I suddenly wondered if she knew there was human meat under that cast.  If so, I wondered if she had a method of determining when the cast stopped and the meat started.  Well, everything went okay because she knew a lot more about her job than I did.

Using the left hand has really been an experience.  I have never heard of a left-handed (only) typist.

I guess the lesson today is learning to rely and trust in others.  First, we must learn to trust in God for everything.  It is Him who provides others for us to rely on.  My doctor is known as “the hand doctor.”  God provided him with the skills and talent to repair my hand.  The nurse who removed the cast didn’t just come in from the street…she was provided by God.

It is only when we learn to trust and rely on God through our relationship with Him that we are able to rely on others.  It is just like love.  Love comes only from God and we must learn to love others by loving Him.  God is love!

Sometimes we have a hard time relying on others to bless us by taking care of us.  By allowing others to care for us is a blessing.  It is also a blessing to them.  So, we must learn not only learn to receive and blessing, but to allow others to be blessed by their giving.


2 Responses to ““THUMB REPAIR UPDATE””

  1. zburrows Says:

    The pictures are so yucky but I can’t stop looking at them!

  2. RootsAndRings Says:

    GAH! I’m glad to have the warning but I looked anyways. Just seeing that caused me to have shooting pains up my legs and back!! I hope you have a speedy recovery without too much pain!

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