I’ve been a little lax in posting lately.  Longhorn baseball has taken quite a bit of my time.  First, we had the regional tournament.  Then we played bad enough to end our season at the super-regional tournament.


   Because of my plumbing experience using the wrong tools, I injured my thumbs.  The right thumb continued to get worse with an arthritic condition, so I opted for corrective surgery.  In this surgery, a bone called the trapezium is removed.  A portion of a tendon is then woven into the space to replace the painful degenerated joint.  A portion of another tendon is attached to one of the thumb joints for stabilization.  If you would like a better understanding, you can go to:  http://www.cedarhand.com/basaljoint.html.

My surgery was originally scheduled for 8:30 AM, needing to be there at 6:45AM.  This means I must arise a 4 AM so I can leave home at 5.  I was re-scheduled for 11 AM so we didn’t have to tumble out of bed so early.  (I wonder where “tumble out of bed” originated, because I definitely don’t tumble.)

We arrived on time after a momentary loss of direction (my fault).  I checked in and my nurse escorted me back to the operating wing.  This is when you receive your surgical gown and put your clothes in a locker.  The nurse locked the locker and kept the key…I had no pockets for keeping keys.  She told me to put on the gown with the opening in the back and not tie the strings.  Little did she know that I have trouble tying shoes like a normal human being.  I get them tied, it’s just not a pretty thing to watch.  So, for to even attempt to tie the strings behind me is out of the question.  I wondered why bother with a gown if I am going to walk down the hall with my backside exposed (I did have on my shorts).  NO PICTURES ARE AVAILABLE!!!!

Pam was allowed to be with me after they hooked me up to all necessary medical connections.  The air conditioning unit for my assigned OR was not working properly, so my surgery was delayed for quite a while.  My doctor will not operate until all conditions are just right.  High temperature and humidity carry an unacceptable risk of infection.  So, as we waited, I needed to make a return trip to the rest room.  The nurse brought  mobile apparatus for all my medical connections.  I didn’t wait for her to level my bed…BAD MISTAKE.  I placed my right hand on the bed railing, put my weight on it so I could exit the bed.  I exited rather quickly.  The railing wasn’t locked in place (not my fault) so I bounced off Pam’s right hand and lap before I almost landed on my face.  She kept me from landing on my head, but she has an injured right thumb also.

The surgery took 2 hours and the doctor said all went well.  I will return to the doctor today (Monday) for the removal of stitches and a cast for my hand.  I will have to wear the cast for four weeks and then start physical therapy.

I started this post on Friday at work and finally understand the joke about the one-armed paper hanger.  But, I am learning to use my left hand in ways that I had never imagined.  Please overlook verbage and spelling.

When we are unable to use all of the body parts given us when God created us, we very quickly realize the impossibility evolution.  Only God could create such a complicated being.  Just think for a moment about how each part of our body works individually, yet coordinated with others to make us whole.  When one part is not working, another part is able to be used to compensate for the loss.

This is also true of our Spiritual Gifts.  Each of us have been given special gifts that we are to use in coordination with other people’s gifts to accomplish God’s Work and glorify Him.  It is in our weakness that God can show His Strength.





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