During our lives, we have events or things that bring back memories to us.  Each spring when the Hydrangeas bloom I remember the daughter of good friends.  This is her favorite flower and it reminds me of her wedding anniversary.  I don’t ever remember the exact date, but when the Hydrangeas bloom I know it is close.  So, it’s a reminder to ask her the exact date.  The date is May 27th and this was her 10th anniversary.  Each year I have a mental picture of the wedding ceremony, the beautiful Hyndranges decorating the house, and of the many friends that attended.

This Magnolia tree reminds me of when we bought our home.  The tree was about 6 feet tall at the time.  When I look in the back yard, I remember the excitement of buying the house…it was just a house then, but Pam made it a home for us over the years.  Pam uses the leaves to decorate for the Christmas holidays.  When it blooms, it is a beautiful tree.

We have a White Poplar tree in the front yard.  It is probably 40 feet high now.  Lyndsey came home from kindergarten (I think) around Arbor Day with the tree to plant.  I thought it was the same type poplar in our yard when I was growing up.  We had the tall slim poplar.  I planted Lindsey’s tree behind the mail box thinking I would have a tall slim tree.  White Poplar trees spread out similar to the Magnolia tree above.  So, this tree reminds me a “little Lyndsey” and her Arbor Day planting.

When Pam and I are traveling, I often see a restaurant and ask Pam if she remembers the time we stopped there for mexican food, chicken-fried stead, bar-b-que, etc.  She normally just looks at me and says no.  When we were in Austin this spring with Lyndsey, we ate at a restaurant that we had visited when she was in college.  I had a mental picture of that day and remember the table where we sat.

When I see people dressed in green on St. Patrick’s Day, I am reminded that our wedding anniversary is the next day.  It’s just a reminder…I will never forget the day that Pam and I were married.

These are “markers” that bring back memories of events in our life.  These may be good or bad memories.

God gives us “Spiritual Markers” to use as we develope our relationship with Him.  Just as He gave Israel a marker when they crossed the Red Sea on their exodus from Egypt.  Many times when God’s presence was evident in their lives, the Israelites built an altar as a reminder of what God did at that time. 

As we encounter blessings and/or difficulties in life, God gives us Spiritual Markers to remind us of His love, power, and glory.  Just like Israel built physical altars, we receive Spiritual Markers from God to remind us of how He handled each circumstance and that we can always depend on His presence when He is needed.  Events and circumstances that are too big for us are small things to God.  Regardless of the size, large or small, God wants a part of each circumstance we encounter.


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