After watching the Longhorn baseball team play their third below par game on Saturday, Pam and I drove to Nederland to support the Jasper Bulldog baseball team in the regional semi-final, best of three series against Bridge City.  Jasper lost the first game on Thursday by a score of 10-5.  The game was scheduled for 5 PM with a second game to follow, if necessary.  Jasper won the first game and the second game as well.  They will now advance to the regional finals against Orangefield.  We took everything necessary for a tail-gating adventure between games.  During the break, we went to the parking lot and ate sandwiches, accompanied by soft drinks.  While we were having our break, I heard this CLICK…CLK…CLK…CLK…CLK…CLK.  For those who don’t understand, this is the sound of someone with a dead battery trying to start their vehicle.  If you have never heard this sound, you are one of the fortunate.  When I had finished eating, I walked through the parking lot in the direction of the dreadful sound.  I found a teenage boy sitting in his truck speaking on his cell phone.  I don’t know whether he was calling for help or just enjoying a conversation with his friends.  He opened the truck door when I approached and I asked him if he was having battery problems.  He said, “I think so.”  I told him I knew the sound and that he was definitely having battery problems…like your battery is DEAD.  I always carry booster cables for such an occasion as this.

I drove my Escalade over to his truck, retrieved my booster cables from their bag.  I told him to connect the cables to his battery…red to red and black to black.  I watched him as he tried to connect the cables.  He said, “do I connect them something like this?”  I could tell he was on unfamiliar ground so I made the necessary connections to our batteries.  His vehicle started up the first try.  He got out and gave me a very grateful handshake.

The reason I carry booster cables is not just for myself.  I have been in the same dilemma as this young man.  When in trouble, you always wonder where help will come from…or if help will come.  The picture above is a 1974 International Scout similar to the one I owned when I was on a deer lease in East Texas.  It is only similar because mine was dark green and had more than one experience getting banged about in the woods…like mine had numerous dents and scratches.

I remember one occasion when I was in need of help on the deer lease.  Our deer lease was in the pineywoods and covered over 7,000 acres.  I went to the lease one Saturday to do a little work around my stands.  It was not during the deer season and I knew I may be the only person there.  My Scout stalled for no apparent reason.  I raised the hood and checked all I knew to check with my limited mechanical abilities.  I thought it may be flooded, but that was not the case.  The battery was still strong, so that wasn’t the problem.  After trying to start the engine a few times, I finally sat on the fender and said, “Lord, you know I need a little help.”  I don’t mean that’s what I thought.  I mean that’s what I said…and very loud.  In less that 5 minutes, I heard the sound of a vehicle coming my way.  To make a long story short, a man stopped and asked if I needed help.  God didn’t just send me help, HE SENT ME A MECHANIC…a professional mechanic.  He found my problem, fixed it, and I was soon on my way.

A couple of years ago, we were returning from a weekend in Galveston.  I stopped for gas in Beaumont and when I tried to start the engine, I heard CLICK…CLK…CLK…CLK…CLK!  It was raining “cats and dogs” and I wondered where my help would come from.  There was only one other vehicle at the gas station.  I asked him if he could give me a boost.  He was very gracious and we both got wet as we connected the booster cables.  My battery was beyond help.  This man was a mechanic for the Beaumont schools and kept his tools with him at all times.  He took my battery off, drove me to an auto parts store, and installed a new battery for me.  As we visited on the way to the auto parts store, I found out he was really running late getting home.  Now, I really appreciated him setting aside his schedule and helping me with my problems.  During our conversation, he told me one of his children had just entered college.  When he had finished installing my new battery, I offered to pay and he refused.  I gave him some money and told him to apply it to his child’s college fund.

So, that’s why I carry booster cables.  I know how it feels to be “in need of help.”  When I asked God for help on the deer lease, He didn’t just send help.  He sent the qualified help that was needed.  Maybe the young man at the ballpark parking lot will buy some booster cables…and learn how to connect them.  Then he will be able to be used when someone else asks for God’s help.  We should never hesitate to ask our God for help in all situations.  He stands ready to answer our call and He sends the help that is needed.


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