CCB Band, 3rd Armored Division

                      Jerry (top row, 3rd from right)

You can tell from my hair this was BL (before Lyndsey).

When I arrived in Gelnhausen, Germany, I had an opportunity to audition for the CCB Band.  This was not a part of the regular Army Band.  We were the band for the combat command where I was stationed.  I say this was an opportunity because I was placed on TDY.  This means temporary duty and it meant I would be placed on special duty away from the normal “GI Joe” activities and training.  It meant no more 3 AM alerts where the troops loaded up and moved into the field for 3 hours, 3 days, or 3 weeks, etc.  In case of alert, we would be attached to the SPs (Special Police), and perform guard duty for a mostly deserted army post.

The post commander believed in good public relations with the German people, so we were able to participate in the local festivals and celebrations.  We marched in parades in the small town, traveled into the mountains for the opening of a new soccer field in a village, and were able to learn much about the local customs.  We also played for all the football, baseball, and basketball games for the army sports leagues.

It was necessary for us to return to our regular company for a couple of things.  Once each month, we would have to return for payday.  There were also times when we would return for training manuevers for three to four weeks.  These were different from the regular unexpected alerts.  The band was pretty much left alone and there were times that I would go for weeks without wearing a uniform….just civilian clothes.  So, this was pretty good duty.  We practiced a lot and periodically put our uniforms on and marched around the command headquarters to let the big boss know we were on the job.  He liked the band and we wanted to stay in his good graces.

“To The Winds” was a manuever we performed sometimes when marching.  While marching, the drum major would blow the whistle, each band member would pivot and march in the direction of his choice.  When the whistle sounded again, each marcher would about-face and return to his original place in the ranks, pivot and continue marching as one body.  It looked pretty random, but it was controlled by the leader.

Each member of the band had a specific musical talent and an assigned position in the marching formation.  It is necessary for each member to use his special music talent and be in the proper position in order to achieve the goal of something that resembles music.  The quality of the music being played suffered during the “To The Winds” manuever because the formation was fragmented and each marcher was going in the direction of his choice.  But, when whistled back to the original formation, the quality of the music improved drastically.

I received this picture a couple of years ago from one of the band members.  He was my room-mate and I had not seen him in years.  One day I searched the internet and found him.  I called, we had a great visit, and he mailed the picture to me.

Last night I was remembering the good times we had as a group.  Whatever success we had as a musical organization was accomplished because each had their own special talent and remained under the control of the drum major (leader).  God gave each of a special musical talent, and when we used that talent as one body, under leadership, the intended goal was achieved. 

Today, as each of us serve in God’s army, whether it be in our family, church, or business, we must strive to use our special talent to the Glory of God.  When we go in our own direction “To The Winds,” we must be listening for God’s whistle to bring us back into harmony.  As we travel life’s road, it’s not about church, family, or business.  It’s about developing our relationship with God.  With that being our focus, all of our activities will have the proper balance and purpose.  By following God’s leadership, we will learn how be the proper team member of our family, church, business, etc.  God’s Spirit gives us spiritual gifts at His pleasure and that creates a team of balance and harmony.  These same gifts are to be used in all facets of our daily lives.  If the different areas of our lives are fragmented like the hard drive on our computers (To The Winds), we must listen for the whistle of our family, church, and business leader to defragment the team.  Then, the team is brought back to harmony to accomplish the goal.  In each of these areas, when functioning properly, God will get the glory.






2 Responses to ““TO THE WINDS””

  1. zburrows Says:

    I LOVE to see pictures of young jerry! It makes me so happy.

  2. JBBurrows Says:

    guess that hair is bp too…that is before pam!!!!! great memories
    for you

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