Bill and Amy Wright

I want to tell a story about two amazing individuals and pay tribute to their “Unselfish Love.”  I am speaking of Pam’s mother and dad.  The story begins many years ago in Virginia and continues today.  They are more than “in-laws” to me…they are my friends.

Bill grew up in Virginia and graduated from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee.  While attending LMU, he met Jewel.  He and Jewel married and their first-born was Bill Doug.  Jewel was very ill with asthma and the climate in Virginia was not good for her health.  They moved to New Mexico to be in a drier climate.  Bill kept the homemade travel trailer that he, Jewel, and Bill Doug used in moving across the United States.  It was in the back yard in Panhandle for years.  It looked more like a gypsy wagon than the modern travel trailers we see today.  My point in mentioning this is that Bill has always done what it takes to care for his family.

Jewel was pregnant with Debbie during the move and she was born in New Mexico.  Bill had taken a teaching job in New Mexico where he taught math and science.  They later decided to move to Panhandle, Texas where he taught mechanics at the air base.  They wanted teachers to teach mechanics, and Bill learned much about being a mechanic while teaching.  Over the years he kept all the family vehicles mechanically sound.  Pam was born in Panhandle.  Jewel was still in very poor health and died about seven weeks after Pam was born.  Now, Bill has three children to take care of:

Bill Doug, Pam, and Debbie

Bill met Amy while car-pooling to work at the air base in Amarillo.  They later married and Amy brought her son, Kylon, into the Wright family.  Bill’s young family needed a mother and Amy’s son needed a family.  In looking back at their life together, I know that God blessed them beyond measure.  I believe it was a match made in Heaven by a Loving God.

Bill Doug, Debbie, Kylon, and Pam

Bill and Amy continued to care for their growing family with “unselfish love.”  With love and dedication to God, each other, and their family, they later added two more girls (Teresa and Alyson) to their household.  Now they have three of Bill’s, one of Amy’s, and two of Bill and Amy’s.  But, with their “unselfish love,” they treated all as “ours.”

During this time, Bill continued his college studies and received his Master’s Degree.  Pretty amazing with all that was going on with church, work, raising a family, and “mechanicing” on their cars.

The Wright Family

Today, the Wright family has grown and grown to include many grand and great-grand children.  Bill and Amy continue to love their God and family with that same “unselfish love.”  Bill is now ill with Parkinson’s Disease and needs constant care.  There have been many ups and downs during their lifetime, but that everlasting love continues to keep them strong.  Amy, with the strength that comes only from God, continues to care for Bill 24/7.  This is the “unselfish love” that I write about and it is the kind of love that is only possible because of the love that God has for each of us.

After many years of absence from Bill’s home in Virginia (except for family vacations), this July he and Amy will fly to Virginia to attend the Wright family reunion.  There is not one ounce of “quit” in either Bill or Amy.  Not only are they going to the family reunion, but most of the extended family are taking time to pay tribute to their parents for the love they have received their entire lives.

I write about this “unselfish love” because I have not only witnessed it, but I have experienced that same love since I have been included in the Wright family.  I have been treated as their own and am honored to be treated as family.  I say again, Bill and Amy are not my in-laws, they are my dear, dear friends.

To sum up my thoughts, both Bill and Amy are a once in a lifetime experience for each other, their family, and the many friends they have accumulated.  I hope each person who reads this post will pause, and thank God for this couple, and ask for Him to bless them daily as they continue to give that unconditional and “unselfish love” to all who pass their way.


One Response to ““UNSELFISH LOVE””

  1. Una Wright Says:

    Jerry, what a beautiful and inspiring tribute to Amy and Bill. and how true!
    I remember them coming to our home in Knoxville, Tennessee. The little chilildren each had duffle bags with their belongings. They took care of their own things, cleaned up and helped me if they could. They were such good little boys and girls and we always looked forward to their stopping on their way to Virginia. We are so much looking forward to the family reunion. Over 80 reservations have been made.
    I am glad Amy sent me your blog. You should publish a devotional book.
    (Aunt Una)

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