Here is the ugly results of the major surgery on my three thorn bushes in the front yard.  Pam had a “girls night out” birthday party Wednesday.  When she left for the party, I decided to finish the job I had started the previous week.  This is the job I was able to complete because of the re-scheduling of my hand surgery.

This is the problem hand with the thumb splint on.  I was disappointed to have a delay in the thumb repair, but the good part was being able to finish the thorn bush job.  The “hand” doctor will open up my thumb where it is connected to my wrist.  He then will remove the last thumb joint that attaches to the wrist.  Then he will “harvest” a tendon from my wrist and transplant it where he removed the joint.  “Harvest” is the word I like here.  What it means to me is that he is going to remove one part of my body and graft it in another place in my body.  If he had rather “harvest” the tendon, that’s okay with me…he is the doctor, not me.  Then, a part of the tendon will be wrapped between the second and third joints, two pins placed amongst all of this to stabilize everything.  Sounds logical to me.  I still don’t understand everything and am not real positive I have described it just right.


In my post on Wednesday, I said I looked like I had been in a “cat fight.”  The scratches from the earlier surgical procedure on the thorn bushes have mostly healed.  The pictures above do not present what I really looked like on
Wednesday evening.  I have removed all the blood and these pictures were taken Thursday night.  It is also very obvious that I am not a professional photographer.

I believe there is always a lesson in every event of our lives.  As I was taking these pictures last night, this is what came to mind.  I know thorn bushes don’t feel pain, but as I performed the trimming, I felt the paint from the injured thumb along with the thorns.  When it is necessary for God to do “a little or a lot” of trimming on us, we are not like a thorn bush…we feel “a little or a lot” of pain.  I can only imagine the pain that our Father feels when it becomes necessary to do a little trimming in our lives.

Then I thought about the pain I experienced when the thorns scratched my arms.  I remembered the “crown of thorns” that was placed on the head of Christ…and not very gently.

The point of all this is that I realized the pain and suffering of Jesus as He gave His life for each of us.  I also know that if I were the only person on earth…He would have given Himself just for me.  Not only did He suffer physical pain.  The pain He felt in His heart cannot be measured by man.  I am thankful for what my Saviour did on the cross.


3 Responses to ““A LITTLE OR A LOT – UPDATE””

  1. zburrows Says:

    It doesnt look like you got in a cat fight it looks like you got in a cougar fight! Im glad that you showed what the other guy looked like in that battle or we might have thought you lost!

  2. RootsAndRings Says:

    My dad did that to his arms and legs a month or so ago at the beach house. It looked AWFUL.

    Perfect metaphor.

  3. pam Says:

    thank you jerry for cutting the bush…you always go at everything with the gusto of a bull and this i know very well!!! your daughter and i are
    the recipients of the love and sacrifices you make with the same gusto!!
    i thank you for walking through pain for me and i cannot wait to see how beautiful our bushes will be again one day. i will take care of the scratches…..you are a doll. i am eternally thankful to you and my Heavenly Father for the pain He bore…great read!!!

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