Back in March my post was about “Using the Right Tools.”  I told about injuring my right thumb a lot and my left thumb a little.  After a couple of visits to the “hand” doctor, it was determined that surgery was needed unless I wanted to continue to live with the pain in my right hand.  The injury caused arthritis in my right hand and it would not get any better.  I could deal with the pain until such time as I wanted to be free of that pain through surgery.  I decided to take care of the problem now and surgery was scheduled for this past Tuesday.  I received a telephone call from the doctor’s office to inform me there was a mixup in scheduling and the surgery was delayed until June 15th.

At first I was a little peeved about the delay in surgery, but my nature is normally to look for the “good” in all circumstances.

I have this group of shrubs in the front yard that Pam and I planted many years ago.  I never can remember the proper names for plants, so I call these shrubs “bushes.”  Well, there are three bushes in this grouping and they are placed around two large pine trees.  For a while they grew very little and were really attractive.  They soon began to grow more and were a beautiful addition to the yard.  I would periodically need to prune the bushes, but not so much that they would be ugly again.  The results of this slight pruning over the years was each time there was new growth, the bushes became wider and taller.  This winter the growth was out of control.  I decided it was time for major surgery on these bushes before they ruled over me.




I started my surgery on the bushes about ten days ago.  I decided to trim them to the point that they became very ugly.  I only trimmed one bush on that Saturday.  I have the “right tools” for this job, but one problem I have is the long thorns that attack me and I look like I have been in a cat fight.  Rather than pull each limb out of the bush as it was cut,  I opted for cutting back one bush drastically and then with my trusty Escalade and a rope, towed the unsightly mess to the woods behind my house.  So now, as you can see, the job really needs to be finished. 

The point of this story almost got lost in describing the problem with these bushes.  The good part of the delay in surgery is that I will now be able to make all three bushes ugly at the same time.  If this drastic surgery doesn’t kill them, I know that they will again be beautiful at some point in the future.  If they die, so be it.  I will not let them take control of my front yard.  I guess I should have been more aggressive in my pruning over the years and this would have eliminated the problem I have today.

Last spring Pam asked me to trim the Indian Hawthorn plants in her front flower bed.  I think that is the name of the plants.  I trimmed them drastically, according to her directions, and they looked awful.  Today, they are pretty again. 

Early in the spring, I trimmed all of the Crepe Myrtle bushes and/or trees in the yard.  They are all ugly again.  But they grow really fast and I know that beauty will come in the near future.

Maybe I have learned my lesson about pruning shrubs, roses, and other plants around the yard.  If I had only realized that everything needs a little trimming periodically.  I have had my hair all my life and try to get a haircut on a regular basis.  When I get a haircut, I don’t just get half of the new growth trimmed.  I get all of the new growth removed.  If I treated my hair like I treated the “bushes” in my current project, my hair would be dragging on the ground behind me like a wedding dress train.

As we travel down life’s road and grow in our relationship with God, He periodically needs to do a little pruning on us.  When our growth begins to stray in the wrong direction, He does a little trimming to get our attention and bring our focus back to Him.  Sometimes, He must do a little major surgery on us and it is both humbling and painful.  But when we begin to heal we are again beautiful in His sight.  I have been pruned on a lot and I have also gone through major surgery.  After experiencing both, I have opted to strive for only regular trimming.  The best thing about the going through either is I have my family to support me and love me.  It is great to know that they are always there just as I know God is ever present.  I have His promise that He will never leave me.


One Response to ““A LITTLE OR A LOT””

  1. zburrows Says:

    I am going through some “major sugery” right now!

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