I was listening to the news on the way home for lunch yesterday.  There was a discussion about a young boy who was the only survivor of a plane crash.  All the passengers and crew were killed along with both of his parents and a brother.  The discussion was about how did  he survive when everyone else was killed.  Was it where he was sitting?  Did he have his seat belt buckled?  Was it because he was smaller that the others?

A lady joined the discussion who was also a lone survivor of a plane crash.  She said that her seat belt was not buckled.  She doesn’t remember much about what happened.  Was she thrown clear of the wreckage?  Was it where she was sitting?  How did she survive when others perished?

When I was in high school, I was out with some friends one night riding around in a coupe with a rumble seat like the one above.  The rumble seat had been removed and there was just a plank flooring.  There were five of us boys, so three had to stand in the rumble seat area.  I was standing in the back until we dropped one of the boys at his home.  It looked like rain so I kidded the other boys that I was going to get up front and leave them to get wet.  We had not traveled but a short distance when both boys fell from the vehicle.  One of the boys was unconscious.  We were about ten miles from town and driving a slow vehicle.  It was before cell phones, so we stopped the next vehicle and they took my friend to the hospital.  He was my best friend so I road with him to the hospital.  I called his parents (who were my neighbors) from the hospital.  He died in the emergency room before his parents arrived.  I had to meet them when they arrived and give them the terrible news.  That was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do.  The next day I emptied his locker at school and turned in all of his text books.  I had to explain to teachers why I was doing this.  That was the second hardest thing I ever had to do.

Why was I in the front of the vehicle instead of him?  Why did he die and not also the boy who fell with him?  Was it the way he landed on the highway?

At one point in the news program, someone said that there would be people who would claim that the young boy survived because of God.  He didn’t seem to put much faith in the idea, and neither did he get any positive comments that God could be the answer.  As I listened to the program, I thought:  “You have just found the answer and don’t know it.”  I know that Gold is truly sovereign over all things.  I try to look at things from a totally different point of view.  It is sad about those that perish in an accident like this, but it is also exciting when I wonder how God will use tragedy to accomplish His Will.  What impact will each survivor have on others during his life?  Maybe he will impact only one life…but maybe he will impact many lives.

So, I know the answer to the question that was the subject of the news report.  God is the answer to all things!




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