Emerald Hills Golf Resort

When Pam and I moved to Jasper, I worked for a CPA firm in charge of all the auditing services.  The firm was located in the Belle-Jim Hotel.  This was a hotel I was acquainted with as a teenager.  But, that is another story for another time.  The Belle-Jim Hotel later became a bread and breakfast and now serves lunch each day.
We arrived in Jasper in July and the following spring traveled to Toro Hills Golf Course for a weekend staff meeting and planning session.  Toro Hills has changed ownership since then and is now Emerald Hills Golf Resort.  Hodges Gardens is across the highway so the wives spent their time in the Gardens while the men played a round of golf.  I am not sure if “played a round of golf” is the appropriate description for that experience.  I am not the best golfer in the world, but I played a decent game at that time.  The rest of our group were somewhere below being “duffers.”  I don’t mean to be critical of their golfing abilities, but they were better at accounting.  It would probably have been a lot more fun to just hide and watch this group “play” golf.
We finished our round, the wives returned from the gardens, and we all met later in the restaurant for dinner.  The dining room and bar were together.  There was a small group of musicians entertaining the guests.  Suddenly, we heard this whistling sound, and looked up and we had a “whistler” performing with the group.  He was not a part of the group and he definitely wasn’t a musician.  The diners made a terrible mistake at this point.  They applauded!  This made him believe that everyone enjoyed his performance.  So, he continued to whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle, and whistle.  He didn’t recognize the first applause as the guests just being polite.  Someone, somewhere, sometime must have complimented him on his musical whistling talent.  His performance was way beyond terrible and not something that was enjoyable on a full stomach.  He finally finished his extended performance and the applause was tremendous…he was finished!
I always try to have a lesson in each story I write about.  I remember the experience very well, but I am now at the point where I must find where the lesson is.
God gives each of us spiritual gifts to be used as the Spirit directs.  This makes us a part of His team, to do His work, and bring glory to His name.  When we serve God in our area of gifting, there is both ease and power in our actions.  I once taught a class on “Spiritual Gifts” and how the different gifts were the source of our motivation.  It is very enlightening to discover why different people look at the same circumstances from a different point of view.  It is also a help in our marriages, because if we know the gifting of our spouse, we better understand their actions.
 Now, after I found the lesson, I realize that some people aren’t gifted to be golfers and some are not gifted to be whistlers.

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