There are some truly amazing things in this world today.  In a recent post I wrote about the wall telephone we had that required a hand crank to generate electricity to contact the central operator.  With all the improvements in the telephone system, I sometimes get a little impatient when I want to talk to a real human being.  But, it is not all bad.  A menu system on a business telephone also means I won’t have to talk to a real human being.

Now our telephone calls are relayed through receiving/sending towers.  It’s the same with our cell phones.  It took me a while to get used to all of this.  I am not real old-fashioned, but I will confess that it was a long time before I purchased a microwave oven so I could ZAP my food, etc.

My most recent cell phone has a GPS application.  I think that’s what the AT&T representative called an APP.  When he showed me the different cell phones he showed me different units that had this many APPs or this many more APPs.  I didn’t get the one with the most APPs because I didn’t feel I needed them.  I did get one that had GPS.

The first time I used the GPS I discovered I could give the phone the destination by either speaking or typing.  Then, I found out my phone would actually speak back to me.  It will check the traffic conditions way ahead of me and I can push a button to avoid traffic congestion and/or accidents.  At first I thought maybe I could just press the button and all the traffic in front of me would simply disappear.  Not so!  My GPS will give me an alternate route.  If I get on the wrong road or want to go a certain way, it will give me a new route.  And, it’s really fast.  It takes all the adventure out of being lost.

I have OnStar on my Escalade.  It works pretty good, but not like my phone GPS.  OnStar gives me directions from my location at the time I contacted them.  If I can’t remember the instructions,  I must contact OnStar and replay a recording of their instructions.  They sometimes get North and South confused, as well as East and West.  Mostly, I use OnStar to find out where the next Starbucks is.  I usually ask them for a location thirty or forty miles down the road.  If I don’t, they may give me the location of a Starbucks behind me.  I have had to complain a few times to OnStar.  For example, at one time they addressed me as Mrs. Burrows.  Pam’s voice is not quite as deep as mine (not even close).  Once while driving through Dallas, I asked for a Starbucks on the east side of town.  I knew I was in trouble when the woman asked me if that was a hotel.

So,we now have a GPS (Global Positioning System) that gives us guidance on our travels.  It works great most of the time.  The fact is, we have had a GPS (God’s Protective System) since God created the earth.  I don’t know which day He created it, but it was during the first 6 days. 

Unlike the new GPS,  the original works 100% of the time.  Would you try to use the cell phone GPS without getting acquainted with how it works?  Would you try to request a destination without speaking or typing?  It is necessary that you get to know your modern GPS.  So it is with God and His GPS.  We must study, speak, and become acquainted with Him.  And, just like listening to our cell phone for directions, we must listen to God for His directions.  We can depend on Him 100% of the time.  The deeper our relationship with God, the easier it is to hear Him when He speaks.

So, let’s get acquainted with the Original GPS and listen very closely as we receive our directions.


One Response to ““GPS””

  1. pam Says:

    i like that take on the GPS…best way yet for directions:)

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