The picture above is of a 1947 Mercury Club Coupe.  This looks just like the first car I purchased.  I had been working for the local theater for a few years and my senior year at high school I was promoted to manager.  I opened the theater on my lunch hour, went back during study hall to check on things, and then worked after school until about mid-nite when it closed.  This kept me pretty busy with school, band activities, etc.  After closing the theater each night, I would walk home–three miles.  No, this is not a story about walking to school in the snow.

I was sixteen when my senior year began and of course thought I knew everything and was looking forward to graduating and tackling the world.  I came to the conclusion that buying a car was much better than walking.  It also gave me a little extra time for sleeping.  Cars then were a lot different.  Mine had no air-conditioning or power equipment.  When you opened the hood, you could see past the engine all the way to the ground.  It did have a radio and a button on the floor to change radio stations–how clever can you get.  I remember a lot of things about my Mercury.  It had windshield wipers that worked on a vacuum line from the engine–not electrical.  They worked fine until you accelerated.  Then they stalled.  I was a little scary when you were in a hard rain–like, hey!–I can’t see anything.

As we grow up, we set goals.  My mother had visited with me when I was in the 6th grade about different professions.  I decided then that I wanted to be a Certified Public Accountant.  After setting goals, sometimes our decisions hamper achieving those goals.  When graduation time came, I had scholarships to any college I chose.  But, in my wisdom along with the obligation of making a living and paying for my car, I put off college until later.  Later never came.  I transferred to Orange, Texas and later to Longview, Texas with the theaters.  A few years later I volunteered for the draft and spent two years in the army.

After serving in the army for a couple of years, I moved to Port Arthur and worked in the labor department at Texaco Refinery.  It seemed as though my goal to be a CPA would never be achieved.  But, after a few months in labor, I found a job with a CPA firm.  The timing could not have been better.  I had some accounting experience with the theaters and had kept records for a drug store where I had 1/2 ownership in the soda/sandwich counter.  After a couple of years experience with the CPA firm I made application for the CPA exam.  At that time, the state gave me credit for experience in lieu of college. 

The reason I said the timing could not have been better is because shortly after I qualified for the exam, the law was changed and now required a college degree.  I was “grandfathered” because I had already qualified.  I later passed the exam, became a CPA and later a partner in the firm.  Later, I left the firm and opened a practice of my own.

I say none of this in a prideful manner.  The point is that regardless of the decisions we make that may hamper us in achieving our goals, God has a way of gently nudging us back on track.  We just need to stay “nudgeable.”  God has been so good to me over the years.  I give credit to Him for my professional life after leaving the labor department at Texaco.  My career has included my own firm, being CFO in banking, and after retirement for a couple of days, beginning a career in financial planning.  During this time I also taught accounting for a couple of semesters for an area junior college.  I found out that my CPA certificate qualified as a Masters Degree, which the junior college required.  I was educated and didn’t know it.

I am proud, yet humble, when I look backwards and realize how much God has blessed me.  He has kept me on track when my decisions sent me in the wrong directions.  He kept me focused on the goals that I had set.  My most cherished blessing is the family he gave me.  As we make decisions in life, we must never forget to be thankful to God and be open to receiving the blessings He has for us.

So, my story is not about my first car at all.  It is about how each of my decisions changed the plans on reaching my goals.  I know that God has watched over me all of my life and He will continue to give me direction in my relationship with Him.


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    beautiffully said…

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