My older brother and I were always in some kind of controversy.  You might say we mixed about as well as oil and water.  Last week I drove to Nacogdoches for an appointment with the dermatologist.  This was Pam’s doctor and she thought maybe he could improve my looks a little bit.  I grew up in Nacogdoches and after I left the doctor’s office I drove around in the area of my one-time farm.  Driving around brought back memories of long ago.  My farm is now a sub-division.  My home was considered in the country.  It was 3 miles from town and my high school.  Now, it is still  3 miles from town, but the high school is 1 mile past where I lived.  It was pretty difficult to recognize some of the landmarks.  My former farm is now a residential area within the city limits. 

As we got older, my brother and I drifted further and further apart.  I am not writing to be critical of him, but I must say a few things to get the main point of this story.  There came a time when I could take no more of his actions.  It seemed like every time I tried to do him a favor or help him, our relationship only got worse.  At one point, I didn’t speak to him for 15 years.  We finally had a good face-to-face meeting and I told him about the reason for my long silence.  Things got a little better for a while and then everything crashed again.

I began to pray for him daily and continued for about 15 years.  What I discovered during this time,was God needed to make some changes in me.  Prayer has that effect on us.  One day (after 15 years) my brother walked into my office and before I could even speak, he said that we were brothers and needed to repair our relationship, or lack thereof.  We had a good visit and he told me he was fighting cancer.  My brother had always been a non-believer and I asked him if he had made peace with the Lord.  He said he had and I prayed with him.

We still had a few ups and downs, but if was different now.  He had purchased a piece of land below Steinhagen Lake on the Neches River.  He was retired from the military. 

On July 4th, 1997, I was cooking barbecue on our patio in the woods.  We were having a group of friends over for the holiday.  It was about 10:30 in the morning and I suddenly heard God say:  “Pray for your brother!”  It was not a soft whisper, it was a strong command.  I prayed!  Not knowing what to pray, I prayed for his soul.

This was on Friday.  On Sunday afternoon, his wife called me and said he had died on July 4th.  I asked her what time he died.  She thought it was around 10:30 that morning because he was coming back from his garden.  She was not at home at the time, but that’s when he normally came back from his garden.  When she came home Friday night, she found him in the yard.  He had died of a massive heart attack.

I talked to my pastor about this.  He told me I had been called to intercede on behalf of my brother.  It was a time when he was unable to pray for himself.  I remembered praying for his soul that morning.  The pastor told me  I would someday meet my brother in heaven. 

I write this story today because I believe in the power of intercessory prayer and there is such a need for it today.  This nation has such a great need for prayer during these times.  Since His resurrection and ascension to heaven, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father and continuously makes intercession for each of us.


2 Responses to ““MY BROTHER””

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    Powerful daddy!

  2. pam Says:

    God can use a man that is willing and ready to hear His voice…He has
    found that in you…

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