My mother lived at Lake Somerville near Bryan/College Station.  They had a home in Bryan and a house on the lake.  When they purchased the property for the lake house, she named it “Redbird Hill”  because of all the Cardinals.  She enjoyed the outdoors and really had a “green” thumb.  She had flowers all over the yard, grew a vegetable garden, and raised chickens. 

One morning. while gathering eggs, she discovered a chicken was missing.  Then, a few days later, another chicken was gone.  She assumed it was a “coon” (see above) coming in at night and stealing her chickens.  So, she ordered a Raccoon trap.  When the trap arrived, she baited it with chicken parts and left it in the yard.  The next morning, the bait was gone, the trap door was closed, and no “coon.”  (You can see in the picture how the trap door drops when the bait trigger is pulled.)  My mother was always determined…you might say hard-headed.  She baited the trap a couple of times more with the same results.

Well, she moved on to Plan B.  She tied a string to the bait trigger and ran the string through her bedroom window.  Then she anchored the string to the wall and attached a bell.  When the bell sounded that night, she told her husband to give her a little time and then turn on the flood lights for the back yard.  She had a 22 caliber rifle and was a real good marksman(woman).  When he turned the floodlights on, this is what she saw:


She had trapped a bobcat.  He was in the trap, but was too long for the trap door to drop.  The bobcat had been getting the bait and the trap door would drop on his back…..then he just backed out.  Well, his “backing out” nights were over.  She shot him while he was gathering his chicken parts.

She had been determined that no chickens would be stolen from her.

That is the way it is in this life.  Satan roams the earth seeking steal, kill, and destroy.  He is not all-powerful and only steals what we allow him to steal.  Satan will steal our joy and peace, but only if we allow it.  The Spirit that lives within us is stronger that any attacks from without.  We often say, “The devil has stolen this or that.”  No, we allowed him to take it.  When we are under attack, it’s decision time.  The decision is to called on our Protector and stand in faith.  Then we are able to keep the good things of life.


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