When I was growing up, I had a “shocking” experience with an electric fence like the one pictured above.  I lived three miles from town and sometimes took a shortcut through the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Farm.  One day I had a friend with me and we took this shortcut.  We were crossing some pastures where they were experimenting with growing grass.  It had been raining earlier, and the lush grass was acting just like a sponge and holding quite a bit of rain water.  We came across an electric fence that had only one wire.  They used the single wire electric fence to keep the cattle from grazing different pastures.  I recognized this single wire as being electrified, so we jumped over.  As we crossed this pasture, we came to a four-strand barbed wire fence.  The insulators were on the other side of the fence so I didn’t realize it was also electrified.  I reached up with both hands, grabbed the top strand, and placed my foot on the bottom strand to climb over.  That left one foot on the spongy grass.  The effect was that I was standing in water as I grabbed the electric fence.  SHOCK!!!  It seemed as though I would never be able to turn loose.  I shook from the shock and it seemed like an eternity before I could release the electric wire.  We gave up on crossing that fence and found one that was non-electric.

My uncle raised honey bees and I have seen him get stung without much effect.  He had been working with bees and getting stung so often that he had become accustomed to it.  He would just calmly brush the bee from his body and continue with what he was doing.

There are different kind of shocks that we experience in our life.  We have the physical shocks from electricity, bee stings, etc., and then we have shocks to our beliefs, principles, and morals.

I remember when pictures and words heard in the media were shocking to us.  At first there were semi-bad words and pictures.  They were shocking, but we became accustomed to them.  As time passed, we were exposed to more and more and our objections became less and less.  What was shocking years ago, is accepted today.

I remember when I lived at College Station during the beginning of the “streaker” era.  We had a streaker run across the A & M campus almost daily.  I don’t remember the campus police ever catching a streaker.  People were shocked at first and then it became just something to expect each day.

Pam and I were at the Baseball College World Series in Omaha a couple of years ago.  During one of the games, someone in the outfield bleachers stripped (totally) and jumped on the field and ran to center field.  He was tackled by one of the event staff.  The police arrested the streaker and took him away.  It caused a little shock and excitement, but then the game continued as if nothing had happened.  I remembered all the baseball games more than the streaker.

Over the years this nation has experienced so much moral decay that it has become the accepted way of life.  It bothers us, but not enough.  We can object to such things in a small group by showing our disapproval and not joining in.  What can we do as a nation?  I wish I knew the answer.  A few against the many seems an impossible task.

On second thought, I really know the answer.  God tells us that if we will repent, seek Him, then He will heal our nation.  To me, this cannot be done as individuals.  This must be done as a nation of individuals with each doing his part.  That is my prayer each day.  I want this nation to be a Godly nation and find favor in God’s eye.  It is time for us to join together and recruit others.  God is waiting to hear from us.


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