Have you ever noticed in every activity there is always a leader?  In the picture above, which one decided he would be the leader?  Was he chosen by the others?  Regardless of how the leader was selected, there are always followers.  Sometimes the leader changes in the middle of the activity, depending on the circumstances.

What is an old hand-crank telephone doing in the middle of this story?  Well, I’ll tell you.  When I was young, we were always looking for something to do.  Living in the country sometimes required a little imagination and/or ingenuity.  One game we played was walking the top strand of a barbed-wire fence.  It was necessary to find a fence that had a telephone wire directly over it.  The telephone wires were strung on short poles so we could walk on the barbed wire and hold on to the telephone line for balance.  This worked pretty good, but there was a problem.  When someone wanted to make a call on this type of telephone, they needed to use the hand crank.  This send an electrical charge through the wire to the operator.  The object of our game was to see how far we could walk before we lost balance and fell, or before someone tried to reach the telephone operator.  When someone cranked the telephone, it sent a pretty strong charge down the line and we were either knocked off or jumped off to escape the charge.  Fun game….right?

I thought about walking the barbed-wire fence when I saw this picture.  These girls are not very high off the ground, but for their size it’s pretty high.  Kids do daring things for excitement.  What am I saying?…..adults still do the same thing.  In most games of follow the leader, the leader changes so everyone will have the opportunity to think up something so daring that the others won’t do.

We each must learn to lead in our areas of strength and follow where are weak.

“Born to Lead”

(Genesis 1:26-31)

You and I were born to lead.  Take a look at five observations based on Genesis 1:26-31 that suggest our God-given leadership potential:

1.  Being made in God’s image means we were created to lead (v.26).  After God says, “Let us make man in Our image,” He says, “Let them have dominion….”  One way we reflect God’s image is by leading.

2.  God commanded both male and female to have dominion (v.27).  Both men and women have been given the ability and authority to lead.  Leadership is not gender specific.

3.  We are to rule over the earth, but not necessarily over each other (v.28).  We were not directed to rule each other; but over the earth’s creatures.  History is largely the story of how men and women have perverted their God-given roles by trying to rule each other.

4.  All of us are to serve one another in the areas of our gifting and purpose (vv. 29,30).  God created everything for a purpose.  Our general purpose is to lead, but each of us should ask God, “Lord, what’s my specific purpose?”

5.  Each person’s leadership is best exercised in his or her area of giftedness (v. 31).  When we discover our gifts, we will naturally lead in those areas where we are most productive, intuitive, comfortable, and satisfied. 


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