Pam and I made our trip to Austin on Friday.  Our normal route takes us through College Station, but we decided to go through Brenham.  I thought there would be more Blue Bonnets, Indian Blankets, Daisies, etc. through Navasota and Brenham.  The drive was beautiful and we took a few pictures.

We got to “Must Be Heaven” in Brenham a little before 2 PM.  I thought the lunch crowd would have been gone by then, but I was wrong.  The line was almost to the front door.  There were probably 50 people in front of us.  But, the line went pretty fast and we ate soup, fruit, and sandwich….everything delicious!!  Then we ordered a piece of Dutch Apple pie with ice cream and two forks.  Again…delicious!!

We arrived in Austin in time to check-in at the hotel and then to the Longhorn baseball game that night.  It was a great weekend of baseball.  On Friday night, the Longhorns won in the bottom of the 11th inning.  On Saturday, another close game with the Longhorns winning by 1 run.  On Sunday the game wasn’t as close.  The Longhorns had a good day at bat and won easily for a three-game sweep of the Kansas Jayhawks.

In leaving the ball park, we decided to travel through College Station and have a burger at Chicken Oil Company.  They have a real good burger and for a side we ordered “Texas Toothpicks.”  Texas Toothpicks are thin onion strips and jalapeno strips deep-fried.

As we neared College Station, we found that there were more flowers on the highway than we had seen on Friday going through Brenham.  It was a great surprise and we were able to see the beauty of God’s creation again.

It is amazing that when we assume a blessing (beauty of His creation) is on one road, He amazes us be providing a greater blessing on a different route.  This will happen to us continually as we walk life’s road look to Him for everything.  It is exciting just to imagine the blessings God has in store for us in the coming days.


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