We missed the spring flowers at Hodges Gardens a couple of weeks ago.  It was just a little early.  The gardens are probably in full bloom now.  As pretty as Hodges Gardens is this time of year, it does not compare to the Blue Bonnets and other wild flowers of Central Texas. 

We will be traveling to Austin today for another weekend of Longhorn baseball.  Hopefully, the fields along the way will be covered with beauty.  I have two routes from Jasper to Austin.  One is through Bryan/College Station.  The other is through Brenham.  Both routes are beautiful this time of year.  I think the route from Huntsville to Navasota and then on to Brenham and Austin is the most colorful.  We will probably choose this route today.

The route through Brenham has a lot to offer.  Of course, there is always Blue Bell Ice Cream.  There is an old-fashioned drugstore type restaurant in downtown Brenham with an appropriate name of “Must Be Heaven.”  They make their own fresh bread and serve delicious soups, fruit, salads, and sandwiches.  They also bake fresh pies and one of the best is their Dutch Apple a la Blue Bell.  Hmmmmm…Good!

We have an awesome God.  He provides us with so much beauty.  There is only one way the wild flowers of Central Texas could be created.  Only God could put just the right colors together to create this beauty.  Just like the name of the restaurant, one might think…this must be heaven.  But, I believe that Heaven will so outshine this area that it will seem drab in comparison.


One Response to ““CENTRAL TEXAS””

  1. limewire Says:

    lmao nice story man.

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