I fished a lot when I lived on the Gulf Coast.  When I could get away, I would fish offshore, freshwater lakes, or the beach.  Back then I wasn’t much of a fish eater.  I didn’t mind cleaning fish, so I would clean them and give them to friends.  Fishing is fun but I think the important thing is just being outdoors enjoying nature.

Some people just love to fish.  I remember a man who would never turn down a trip to the oil rigs in the Gulf.  What I remember about him is that when we started the engine, he became seasick.  He would be sick until we got to the oil rigs and he could get out of the boat and on the rig.  When we started back to port, he would get sick again until we arrived at the marina and killed the engine.  If you called him about another trip the next day…he was ready!

One time when a hurricane had threatened our area and moved on, I went to the beach to fish for Red Fish.  They like the water rough, so it was a great time to fish.  I had special weights for this kind of rough surf, but it still didn’t take long for my hook to be washed back to shore.  I did catch a large Bull Red that day.

As I fished I noticed a new fisherman arrive at the beach.  When he unloaded all of his gear, I thought I was seeing a real professional fisherman.  He had the best tackle, fresh bait, coolers, fishing clothes, etc.  He even had a little container on his belt for bait (it looked like a case for sun glasses).  I was really excited to watch him fish.  I would usually wade out waist deep to cast and then return to the beach.  This man walked ALMOST to the surf.  He made a beautiful cast…90 degrees down the beach and landed in the sand.  I was a little disappointed, but he was not discouraged.  He next tried to make an overhead cast and the weight hit him in the back (between the shoulders).

Finally, he made a cast into the surf and stood for a while waiting for the “big bite.”  I went back to my little fish camp to get some more bait.  While baiting my hook, he suddenly left the surf and walked to where I was.  He was very white and obviously quite terrified.  He told me he had just done the most dangerous thing he had ever done in his life.  I asked what that was and he said that he had been fishing with fresh bait in his belt pouch.  It had suddenly dawned on him that a shark my attack him.  REALLY?  A shark would have to walk on the beach to reach him, and then stand on its tail to get to the bait on his waist.

So much for watching a real pro fisherman. 

If we are going to be “fishers of men,” we will have to get our feet wet.  Standing safely on the shore and waiting won’t bring in the “catch.”  How do we do this?  We must be available and interruptible.  We are commanded to “go forth and spread the Good News” and that means we have to leave the safety of the shore and get our feet wet.  Often, we may be required to get more than our feet wet.

The “REAL FISHERMAN” is the One who caught us!!!!!


One Response to ““A REAL FISHERMAN””

  1. pam Says:

    that was funny

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