You will hear many jokes about “parents-to-be.”  I can believe that most of these jokes are really based on the truth.  You have probably heard something funny that a new father has told about a new mother, or what a new mother has said about a new father.  If the story is a little too dull, there is probably a little embellishment to spice it up.

I have heard about the father having morning sickness instead of the mother.

I have heard about the father taking the suitcase to the hospital and leaving the mother at home.

I have heard about leaving both mother and the suitcase at home.

I have heard about leaving the suitcase at home.

I have heard about leaving the father at home….probably a good idea.

The following actually happened:

I had friends in Port Arthur that were expecting.  I don’t remember how many months along the mother-to-be was, but she was “real” pregnant.  Why do people say “real” pregnant?  You are either pregnant or not pregnant, but I guess it means that the birth is real near.  She somehow locked herself out of the house….key inside.  She circles the house seeking an unlocked window.  She is lucky, but not real lucky.  The only window that she can get open is the bathroom window that is small and high off the ground.  Now picture this!  She gets stuck while straddling the window sill.  She manages to free herself without falling in the bath tub.

Then this same couple are awaken in the wee hours.  It is time to go to the hospital.  He gets ready to go with car keys in hand.  She reminds him to call her doctor before they leave.  She doesn’t remember where she put the telephone number so he must use the directory.  He goes to the telephone table, places his keys on the table, and finds the number in the directory.  You have probably already guessed.  He places the telephone directory on top of the keys and then can’t find them.  After failing to locate his keys, he called a taxi for the ride to the hospital.

Fathers-to-be and mothers-to-be are not always calm and rational.  If you are one of these very special couples, just wait and see if everything goes as planned….no slip-ups.  I put my money on the mother-to-be to be the calmest of the two.

Through all the crazy and/or funny things that might happen it will leave you with wonderful memories of the blessing that God bestowed on you that day.  And, looking back, you will know that God was always watching over you.


One Response to ““PARENTS-TO-BE””

  1. RootsAndRings Says:

    My mom never got heartburn until about a month ago when I started getting it. My chiropractor just started getting it too! I love the sympathy heartburn!

    My husband currently calls our baby “the parasite”… He says that when the baby is born it’ll be “a roommate.” Men…

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