Pam and I met Lyndsey in Oklahoma City for the Easter weekend.  We left Thursday afternoon and arrived about 11 PM and Lyndsey arrived at 2 PM Friday.  Texas had a three game series against the Sooners (baseball) at Norman.  We saw some great baseball and the best part was the Longhorns swept the series.  We had a Friday night game so that gave Pam and Lyndsey time to shop that afternoon.  There was a large mall next to the hotel…they shopped and I took a good afternoon nap.  The game on Saturday was in the afternoon which allowed us to visit “Brick Town” and see the sights…then a great dinner at “Nonna’s.”

The weekend seemed to pass a little too fast.  Suddenly it was time for a Sunday brunch at “Avanti’s.”  Great food!  Then it was time to go back to the hotel and drop Lyndsey off for her drive back to Kansas City.  We left the hotel with Lyndsey following us back to the toll road.  Pam looked back and Lyndsey wasn’t behind us.  We made a u-turn and she was parked in the middle of the street with her emergency lights blinking.  Of course, we wondered what the emergency was.  When we stopped she said that a $10 bill had blown out of her Tahoe.  She had placed money on the console to have ready for the toll roads.  She had her windows open and a gust of wind had picked her $10 up and sent it sailing across the street and into an empty lot.  It was an Oklahoma wind and pretty strong.  We started searching and I was pretty sure the money would never be found.  Suddenly, Pam said, “here it is!”  I had just walked within 5 feet of where she found it.  When asked how she found it, she informed me she was praying as she searched.

This reminded me of a time ten years ago, also on Easter weekend, that Pam had lost a diamond drop.  We had been at a church picnic and Easter egg hunt and she discovered her diamond missing.  We searched the entire area and the diamond was lost.  This is the park where Pam walks every morning.  Each morning when she walked, she would pray knowing that God knew where the diamond was.  After about three weeks, she walked into my office one morning and handed me a tissue and told me to look at what she had found.  When I opened the tissue….there was her diamond drop.  She then told me that as she walked and prayed, she suddenly turned off the walking path, walked to an area, and looked down and there was the diamond.  The ground was muddy and the grass had grown….but there it was. 

Those things that are lost to us are never lost to God.  When we have misplaced something, Pam always prays to God and says, “God, I know that You know where it is.”  It is comforting to know that nothing is lost from God.  Whether it be material or spiritual….God knows.  People who consider themselves lost are not lost.  Those we may consider lost are not lost.  Not one thing or one person is lost until God says they are lost.


One Response to ““LOST AND FOUND””

  1. pam Says:

    oh…what a SAVIOUR

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