PastNewfoundGapwithtrees.jpg Winter Overlook with Trees image by dragonspring4

I spent most of the day last Saturday cleaning my yard of all the leaves and pine needles that were left over from winter.  I had picked them up with my mower last fall when most of the leaves had fallen.  I have about three acres to mow and keep clean.  I have maple, pin oak, holly, magnolia, and pine, etc.  The maple trees shed most of their leaves by Thanksgiving.  Most of the others are evergreen, but still shed to make room for the new growth of spring.

It’s beautiful in the fall when the leaves turn their various brilliant colors and then all of a sudden they are bare.  There appears to be no life in the trees (except the evergreens).  I guess the trees need a time of rest just as people do.  They do look very bleak and lifeless, and gives one sort of sad feeling.  One good thing about the leaves that are not picked up in the fall.  The grass underneath seems unaware winter was ever here when they are removed in the spring.  Some sections of the yard are still partly green.  Where the leaves have been removed, the grass is all brown.


As Pam and I travel the highways to Austin and back for Longhorn baseball each spring, we don’t seem to notice that winter is gradually ending and spring is arriving.  Suddenly, there are blue bonnets, green grass, and new growth on the trees.

In our area of the state the Red Bud and Dogwood trees begin to bloom and we know that soon the Azaleas and all the other flowers will soon be in full bloom.  Another winter is gone and new life is all around.  This is what we were expecting last Sunday when we went to Hodges Gardens.  But, we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for that.

At times we all get “down” and feel lifeless just like the winter trees and grass.  But, there is life deep within that God has placed there.  To me, winter is a time for deep meditation and taking time to get closer to God.  Just as God brings new life to nature each spring, He also brings new life to each of us and prepares us for the days ahead.

I look forward to each spring and the beauty that God provides for us.  It is like I have also been dormant through the winter months and I am now receiving new life for the work ahead.  The work ahead is both spiritual and physical.  God has work for us to do, and of course there is the physical work of mowing grass, etc.  But, my strength has been renewed and I a ready again.

There is such a parallel of the seasons to Christ.  In the fall, Jesus’ work on earth is over.  Then comes his death (3 months winter), followed by the Resurrection of Christ (spring) and new life.  A living Christ who sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for each of us.  Our sins have been paid for.

We will be traveling to Oklahoma City to meet Lyndsey today.  The Longhorns will be playing the Sooners in baseball, so we have decided to have the Easter weekend together.




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