Tulips provide a dazzling display of color in a pristine forest setting
This past Sunday after church we traveled to Hodges Gardens in Louisiana with friends.  It is always beautiful this time of year when all the flowers are in bloom.  If you’ve never been there, give yourself a treat and go.  We needed to stop for Sunday lunch and found a Mexican Food restaurant in Hemphill, Texas.  I say restaurant but it really didn’t qualify for what I call restaurant.  It was more like a cafe but who goes to a Mexican Cafe?  When we entered the restaurant, I noticed a sign that read “Only one serving of salsa and chips for each customer ordering a meal.”  This should have been my first warning sign.  The food was okay, the service was lousy, but they didn’t charge for all the salsa and chips we ate.  The group I was with need at least two bowls of salsa each (with chips) just to read the menu.
Speaking of salsa–a few years ago I read about the annual Margarita & Salsa Festival in Waco, Texas.  This morning I thought it had only been 3 or 4 years ago.  When I looked for pictures of the salsa contest, I discovered that this year is the 14th annual festival.  When I entered Pam in the salsa contest, they gave us T-shirts for the 7th annual festival, so I guess it must have been seven years ago.
Pam made 4 gallons of salsa to take to the salsa contest.  I entered her because she makes the best salsa ever.  She is a real decorator and her table was by far the most attractive.  There were a large number in the salsa competition and Pam won second place.  We made a sign for her table:  “Pamlita’s Salsa.”  There were numerous of judging groups because no one group could taste all of the different salsa samples.  Two of the judges came to Pam’s booth after they finished their tasting tests.  They said that had heard “Pamlita’s Salsa” was the best there.  I will have to admit, with no bias, that it was the best.  So, regardless of the second place finish, she was number one to me. 
Well, I seemed to have gotten of the main road here and traveled down a “rabbit trail.”  We were on the way to Hodges Gardens.  With all the cold weather we have been having this year, we were a little early for the many flowers in the gardens.  There were a few blooms for the winter plants, but it was not time for the Azaleas, etc.  In about two weeks in will be as beautiful as ever and our wives plan to return.  Maybe all the flowers knew nothing about “global warming.”
I always try to have some form of “life lesson” in each post.  Most of the time I don’t really know that lesson is until the end of the subject matter.  My first thought today is that God is always in control of the weather and He changes the seasons at His pleasure.  God is sovereign over all the earth.  Seasons change and nature is balanced according to His plan and man is not, and never will be, in control.
My second thought, or another life lesson, is that sometimes we lose our focus and travel down a “rabbit trail.”  That is what happened to me when I started thinking about salsa and chips.  How many times do we find ourselves going down the road under God’s directions and find ourselves suddenly on one of these “rabbit trails?”  I am thankful that God always very gently steers us back to the road He wishes us to travel.
Maybe there were two lessons here!!!

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