A few years ago, Pam and I were scheduled to have dinner with friends.  I say scheduled because sometimes plans are delayed.  The husband was a little late coming in from work.  He is a welder and was delayed on the job.  When he came in, he was in quite a bit of pain.  He had recently burned his arms from welding sparks.  After the burns he accidently exposed them to cement.  This had caused a serious infection and when he arrived home his arms were very swollen and painful.  We delayed dinner and I took him to the emergency room at the local hospital. 

If you have every been to an emergency room, you know that it is quite an ordeal.  Many times there is a long wait.  We sat in the emergency room and waited.  It can also be very interesting.  You can see all kinds of emergencies.  We witnessed a toddler waiting on medical attention.  This little girl had poked a rubber band up her nose.  She was surrounded by parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, etc.  I guess they were all family.  Each time another relative arrived, they would try to remove the rubber band.  The toddler was crying and each time someone tried to remove the rubber band she would cry louder.  I think maybe she was crying because each new arrival stuck their finger in her nose.  I have never had this experience with a rubber band but I doubt it is very painful.  I have also never had people poking their fingers in my nose but I can imagine that is more painful.

A nurse finally came to see what the emergency was.  When the parents explained the situation, the nurse reach and grabbed some tissues, placed them on the toddler’s nose, and said:  ” blow, sugar.”  When she removed the tissue she said:  “here it is!”  This large group of relatives were relieved and took the toddler home.

We finally received medical attention for my friend’s infection and left the hospital for dinner.

How many times do we find ourselves in a dilemma and give our full attention to the problem instead of searching for an answer.  The family I mentioned were so concerned and emotionally involved with the problem, they couldn’t think of the simple solution.  When the nurse arrived, she didn’t focus on the problem….she focused on the answer.

As we experience problems in our life, whether large or small, the answer is always there.  We can be frustrated, frightened, or sad about the problem but we have a God that wants to be involved.  His involvement is with the answer and that can only happened when the problem is turned over to Him.  He is the Answer Man and when problems are given to Him they are replaced by His Peace.  Many times we don’t think the answer is so easy.  The relatives of the toddler didn’t realize this either.  So it is with our relationship with God.  To get a solution give Him the problem.


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