A few years ago we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico with friends.  We stayed at the conquistador Resort and had a great time.  One of the James Bond movies had scenes takenh in the casino at the resort.  Before our trip we saw a brochure and it said they had a funicular.  Boy, was I excited!  The only problem..none of us knew what a funicular was, but they had one.  Our friends names were Cam and Kim.  Over the years these names have caused my problems on who I am talking to.  In a conversation with Pam, Cam, & Kim I would many times say the wrong name.  It’s not hard to do.

While we were there, we ran into a girl from our town.  She is a professional golfer and was playing a tournament at the resort.  We saw her name listed at the tournament headquarters and I sneaked up behind her early in the morning when she was on the practice range.  You can imagine how surprised she was when I walked up behind her and called her name.

Pam and I were at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.  We had friends that were visiting their son in Omaha and agreed to meet at Rosenblatt Stadium.  On the day we were to meet we were on the lookout for them.  They finally arrived and we waved.  They came up and greeted us and we were surprised to discover their seats were on the same row.  There were only two seats and an aisle separating us.  The people next to me were not at this game so they were able to sit next to us.

When I was stationed in Germany, I went to Spain on leave.  There I ran into an old high school friend at the bull fights.  Our seats were very close together.

When I had my CPA practice in Port Arthur, I was always ready for a break and soon as the tax season was over.  For a number of years I would go to New Orleans for a long weekend and enjoy good food and jazz music.  My favorite musicians in the French Quarter were Pete Fountain and Al Hirt.  I would always check to see when they would both be in town and performing.  On one trip I was at Pat O’Brien’s and really, really bumped into my best friend in high school.  I walked by his table and bumped into his chair and, when I leaned over and said “excuse me,” I looked him right in the face.  It was really a surprise.  I had not seen him for quite a few years.



 I took Pam’s dad to M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston to visit a friend whose wife had cancer.  We had just entered the lobby when I heard someone call my name.  I looked around and there was a friend from Port Arthur that I had not seen for 20 years.  His daughter was in the hospital being treated for cancer.

I have heard often that the definition of integrity is how you act or what you do when you are alone.  Most of the time our actions are seen by others, not just our friends.  Those actions have an impact on others.  Some time that impact is negative and other times positive.  It is amazing to me the times I have “bumped”  into friends in places I would never expect to see them.

As I think of all those times in the past when I have come face to face with friends in unexpected places, it makes me realize that God is continually watching my act ions….24/7.  Just as God knew the thoughts and actions of Adam and Eve in the Garden, He knows mine.  This makes me want to be on guard each day to strive to bring glory to God in all I do.  If this is my focus, then any impact those actions have on others will be positive. 




  1. pam Says:

    you are certainly a testimony of intergrity…i love you

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