This is a picture of the “Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery.”  This takes place at the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.”  The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded 24 hours a day and each hour (each half-hour in summer) there is a changing of the guard ceremony with a special march and salute. 

This post has nothing to do with this changing of the guard.  I have found that writing these posts is good for me in that I am able to express my thoughts.  I always try to search my memories and it causes me to realize the truly changing times of this nation.  This is one of the times when I feel like expressing my concerns for the future of this nation and especially the children born and unborn that will be affected by the changing times.  It is not a pleasant post to write, but bear with me as I take the liberty to unload my thoughts.

We had a high school baseball game scheduled for this past Tuesday.  It was rained out and rescheduled for Wednesday night.  When Pam and I moved here thirty-two years ago, Wednesday night was reserved for “prayer meeting” at the churches.  During that time I do not recalled any sports event being scheduled or rescheduled Wednesday night.  No other events were schedule for that night.  I thought:  WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

I began to think back about how times have changed.  When I was young, my parents set the rules and I knew what the results would be for my disobedience.  I was held accountable for my actions.  I recently saw a parent protest to her daughter’s school official because her daughter was sent to the principal’s office for disobeying the dress code.  She said it was the school officials’ fault that her daughter was not in class being educated.  My dad would have taken the necessary action at home, not at the school.  He was my guard and charged with teaching me the principles of life.  He didn’t believe it was a school problem but a home problem.

The picture above shows how it is possible to maintain traditions and I believe the leaders and parents of this nation still have the ability to maintain the principles set forth long before we became a nation.  Parents are just as much leaders as the leaders of our government.  Each must take responsibility for their lack of leadership and stop trying to place the blame on others.

There are many more problems we face today.  In fact, there are too many to mention.  We tend to blame our children for their actions.  We blame the nation’s problems on the leadership in our schools, as well as the local, state, and federal governments.  The believe the problem is in the leadership in our homes.  We are responsible for those we have placed in leadership.  Therefore, the solution is at home. 

The Changing of the Guard:  When Leaders Need to Be Replaced (Jeremiah 23:1-16)

God does not hesitate to remove poor or wicked leaders–and beyond their removal, God pronounces His judgement on them.

Jeremiah 23 supplies us with a good evaluation tool to recognize what God values in a leader and what constitutes grounds for dismissal and replacement.  Study the characteristics of the kind of leaders God promised to replace:

1.  Leaders who destroy their people instead of developing them (v.1)

2.  Leaders who scatter their people instead of uniting them in a cause (v.1)

3.  Leaders who abandon their people in fear instead of remaining responsible (v.4)

4.  Leaders who act in self-serving and unjust ways instead of standing for the truth (v.10)

5.  Leaders who lie, as though there were no God (v.11)

6.  Leaders who lead their people astray instead of guiding them into security (v.13)

7.  Leaders who foster evil and deceit instead of integrity and honesty (v.14)

8.  Leaders who fill people with false hope rather than speaking God’s Word (v.16)

God didn’t merely threaten to remove bad leaders; He also promised to raise up a Righteous Branch from the line of David to replace these artificial leaders.  Today we know that Righteous Branch has a beautiful name:  Jesus Christ!




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