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Wouldn’t it be great if we could wear a “happy face” all day long for the rest of our life?  Come along with me on a trip of memories.  What are some of your happy days?  What are some of your sad days?  Maybe we should call them good days and bad days.  We all have good and bad days.  They are not unique to anyone.

One of my happy days was graduation day at The University of Texas in Austin when Lyndsey graduated.  UT really knows how to put on a celebration.  Nothing was overlooked, from fireworks and lighting the tower.  What a very happy day.  There were also some bad days in Austin.  After the first summer, fall, and spring terms, we met with Lyndsey to talk about last year’s performance.  I know that Lyndsey thinks it was only a bad day for her but it was a bad day for the family.  (Don’t tell Lyndsey I am telling her secrets).  We had a meeting of the minds that day and Lyndsey presented me with a Longhorn charm for my key chain engraved with “COMMITTED.”  I still carry the charm today and she is still committed to her goals.

I was having a good day when the news came for mandatory evacuation from Hurricane Rita.  I always thought we were far enough from the coast that hurricane force winds would not happen here.  We were the place that accommodated all those evacuating from the coast.  We loaded and left town.  We packed enough for three days feeling sure we would return soon.  We spent three days in a relative’s home with all the necessities and empty.  After three days I informed Pam that I know for sure that I am not ready for retirement.  Lyndsey called from Dayton Beach, Florida to check on us.  I guess she wanted to check on us because she also asked for my chili recipe for a cook-off.  I am just kidding…she always checks on us.  So we had a few bad days and then we went home and had a really bad day.  There was no water, electricity, etc., and we were told that if we didn’t leave we would have to stay.  We left.

We went back to our temporary home and it was not much better.  We had no electricity, there was a gas shortage, and getting food was a problem.  We did find a good mexican food restuarant….that was good.  I was really getting tired of sitting around so I called Pam’s parents in the Panhandle to see if they had anything I could do.  Well, I got some great news:  Pam’s mother said she had just bought seven gallons of paint, so I said we would be there in two days.  We were without electricity for three weeks and had a great time visiting with Pam’s parents and painting the garage.  Those were some good days and we were able to forget about what faced us on our return trip.

Pam had a long series of bad days when she was so very ill.  She came home from the doctor one day and said she was incurable….now that’s a bad day.  She has a great testimony about this period of her life, but that’s for her to tell about.  I will say that I don’t know how she felt with so many bad days stacked one on the other again, again, and again.  I think I know a little bit about how she felt, but not fully.  What I do know is that during a really bad day God said:  “Give Me this day!”  We learned to live that way….one day at a time.  I also know that what is incurable to man may also be cured by God.  She is more beautiful today than the day I married her and she is the picture of health.  She has been off medication for many hears.  I would say that she has had more than her share of bad days.  But we both know how she survived.

I could go on and on about good days and bad days, but so could anyone else.

Every person experiences both good and bad days.  Even God’s greatest leaders become discouraged.  Jeremiah 20 allows us to see into the heart of a great leader:  Jeremiah complains to God in the first ten verses.  He praises God for his victories in the next four verses.  And in the next five verses he curses the day he was born.

The key question on your bad day is:  ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE UP OR GET UP?  And how can you get up?

1.  Rise above self-pity.  Failure is an attitude, not just an outcome.

2.  Think positively.  Success comes by going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

3.  Learn from your experiences.  Failure isn’t failure unless you learn nothing from it.

4.  See alternatives.  All successful leaders vary their approaches.

5.  Develop  a sense of humor.  Laughter is the shortest distance between two people and the fastest way to get perspective.

6.  Be realistic.  The first job of the leader is to define reality.

7.  Establish new goals.  Failure is an opportunity to begin again, but more intelligently.

8.  Develop a passion.  Your own resolution to succeed counts for more than anything else.

9.  Broaden your base of support.  No single venture should support your entire emotional life.

10.  Separate your self-worth from your performance.  A positive self-image prepares you for success.




2 Responses to ““ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE UP OR GET UP?””

  1. RootsAndRings Says:

    Great great great post!

  2. pam burrows Says:

    wow…you get better every blog.. this was great, great, great…i agree

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