A few years ago I was on a deer lease in East Texas.  We had a great group of hunters.  It was a family type lease and we really enjoyed it.

I had three stands.  My favorite was near a spring with hardwood trees and plenty of acorns.  One morning I took Pam hunting and she hunted this stand.  I walked her to the stand before daylight and then went to one of the other stands.  The stand I was hunting was about 1/2 mile from hers and on top of the hill.  I had just walked to my stand, climbed up, loaded my rifle, and was ready to hunt.   BANG!  The sound of rifle fire in Pam’s direction.  Surely she didn’t already have a buck on the ground.  So, I crawled out of my stand and made the long walk down to the spring bottom.  When I got within sight of Pam’s stand, there she sat.  I asked if she had shot and she pointed to the buck on the ground.

The unusual part of this story is that Pam had put on her makeup, cologne, and jewelry along with a bright red sweater.  She was deer hunting in style.  When the local paper found out about how she was dressed, they called for an interview and she was featured in the paper with picture and article.  She had dressed the very opposite of what us ” macho” men do.  We wear camo clothes and shaving cologne is really out of the question. 

Is this the right way to hunt?  You tell me.  I don’t remember if she was doing cross stitch at the time, but she was either stitching or painting her finger nails.  She was also dressed to the nines.  But….one hunt, one deer, and one shot.  She had her buck.

Her dad, Bill, liked to come during the Thanksgiving holiday and hunt.  I always let him hunt the same stand in the hardwood bottom.  I would take him out to the stand before daylight….in my Cadillac Deville and dressed in my suit for work.  I would go back at noon and take lunch for both of us.  This was before cell phones, so we had no communication.  I would take off work mid-afternoon, change my clothes, and go check on Bill.  This is when I would take my 1974 International Scout “huntin’ hoopy.”  This was our schedule all week.  On the last hunt I heard a shot just before dark.  Bill had his buck!

Lyndsey had given her “paw paw” a book on Romans and Bill had read the entire book while he hunted.  He had used his “quiet time” spending time with God and enjoying His creation.  He said this was one of the greatest times he had ever had hunting.  When he went back home he told his friends about deer hunting in style.  He was driven to the hunt each morning in a Cadillac and had a chauffeur dressed in a suit.  He had lunch catered each day and he was able to spend a quiet day with his Lord.

Pam and I will always cherish this time we spent with her dad.  I have much to share about Bill, but that’s another story for later.


3 Responses to ““DEER HUNTING IN STYLE””

  1. pam Says:

    you never know when the last hunt will be, so you must enjoy every
    hunt…such is life, i believe…thank you Lord for those special times with
    daddy and jerry…

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    I try to explain my mother to people I meet. This might be the best explanation EVER! She is the type of woman who enjoys deer hunting. But she is also the type of woman who would do her make up and put on her biggest gold earrings to deer hunt.

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    […] The busiest day of the year was March 17th with 70 views. The most popular post that day was “DEER HUNTING IN STYLE”. […]

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