We had another great weekend in Austin.  Another Longhorn baseball weekend and the Horns swept a four-game series from Iowa…Big 12 Conference vs. Big 10 Conference.  The Longhorns played the game with great teamwork and when that is done the outcome is good.  Sometime you win and sometime you lose.  But, the result is what the team can accomplish. 

Teamwork is the capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and then applying them to one final solution. 

The Longhorn basketball team used teamwork to begin the season.  They played as a team and won the first 17 games and were ranked number 1 in the nation.  They held this ranking for one week.  The rest of the regular season they won 7 games and lost 9.  What happened?  The reason is ONLY MY OPINION.  I believe they lost the concept of teamwork and began playing as individuals.  It seemed that some of the players decided they knew how to play better than the coach knew how to coach.  This is called leadership and when it is lost, bad things happened.  Without leadership a team loses sight of the game plan.  The game is then played by individuals with no concept of the strengths and weakness of the group.  Discipline is lost.  This Longhorn team has some of the best talent in the NCAA, but without teamwork, it is just a group of individual with talent.  Each player depends on himself and not the combined effort of all.

Teamwork doesn’t apply just to sports.  Each family must have teamwork.  There must be leadership and discipline.  Each member of the family have special God-given talents that must be coordinated through the head of the family through leadership and discipline.  The same thing applies to business.  Employees are hired for very different talents and the leader must direct these talents in the proper manner to achieve the goals of the business. 

This nation was once a great nation, but we have forgotten the concept of teamwork.  Why was it great?  It was great because it was once ONE NATION UNDER GOD.   We had a government that followed the concept of teamwork.  Again, my opinion, but we now have a government with the three branches acting independently and not holding themselves accountable to the other two and not for the benefit of the people.  We once had a congress that combined their individual talents for the good of the people.  Now, the needs of the people are ignored and we have a group of representatives acting independently to achieve their own goals.  Leadership and discipline are a thing of the past.

I have been studying Jeremiah.  He is known as the ” prophet of doom.”  God gave directions to Israel through Jeremiah  on how to repent of their ways and return to Him.  God’s people had ignored the leadership that He had given them.  They turned from this Divine leadership and started playing the game of life as individuals, depending not on their Creator.  Jeremiah told the people what God would do if they continued to follow their own desires.  God also told them if they returned to Him how He would bless them.  So, leadership is not just a modern-day concept for sports.  This nation must gather together as a group and follow the Leader.  By following the leadership and discipline of our Creator, we will once again become a great nation.


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