When Lyndsey was much younger, I was building a flower bed on the side of the house.  I had cut landscaping timbers and placed them around the bed.  To anchor them I drilled holes through the timbers and used lengths of rebar to drive into the ground.  I had the right tools.  I was using a small sledge-hammer to drive the rebar through the timbers.  Well, I finished anchoring the last timber and was so proud.  I had just stepped back to admire my handiwork when Lyndsey came outside.  It was dark when I finished (I thought) the job, so I had the outside light on.  I told her to look at the fine job I had done on the flower bed.  She said it looked great…..then she asked why water was coming from under the one of the timbers (the last one I finished).

I knew where water comes from and I also knew that my water line was somewhere below the flower bed.  Now it is time for me to change tools and become a plumber.  Not only do I need the right tools but I also need the right parts.  If I had not been somewhat of a “hoarder” (not as bad as the show on TV), I would not have had the right parts…..the stores were already closed.  I had saved PVC piping, glue, etc. from our remodeling job a few years back.  So, “Jerry the Plumber” to the rescue.  I removed the offending timber and dug down to the injured pipe.  I was pretty accurate with my rebar.  I had hit the pipe dead center and as long as the rebar stayed in the pipe, the water only seeped out.  I didn’t want to re-drill the timber so my solution was go around where the rebar would be returned.  So……with hacksaw, 45 degree fittings, glue, and PVC pipe I rerouted the water line around the rebar.  Problem solved!  I let the glue dry and turned the water on.  I HAD THE RIGHT TOOLS!

Just before our trip to Kansas City to be with Lyndsey on Thanksgiving, I had a leaky faucet in the front bathroom.  I had been here before so I knew what had to be done.  First, I had to turn the water off from under the lavatory.  These valves remain untouched for years until a washer needs to be replaced.  To say they are hard to turn is an under statement.  They are almost impossible to turn without the right tool.  But, rather than go to my shop and get the right tool, I tried to turn them by hand.  Bad mistake!  I tried so hard I injured one of my thumb joints and then changed hands and injured it also…..just not as bad.  I was still hurting in January so I called the “hand man” in Beaumont and got an appointment for March 29.  Pending the doctor’s appointment, I got a steroid shot and purchased a thumb stabilizer.  The stabilizer may be the right tool but I also need medical attention.

Oh, by the way, I did remove the faucet, find the correct washer, and stop the drip, drip, drip. 

One week on Thursday I was having problems with my computer at the office.  I went home for lunch and water was standing on the counter in the kitchen.  You guessed it!  I have to turn the water off, remove the faucet valve, and determine what type of washer I need.  I had learned my lesson earlier.  I went to the shop and got the right tools.  I didn’t need plumbing problems or computer problems because we are preparing for our trip to Longhorn baseball in Austin.

My office computer finished crashing Thursday afternoon and then on Sunday morning in Austin Pam’s laptop computer started having the same symptoms as mine.  It died on Sunday morning.  I am no electronic genius so I have no idea what the right tools are to fix my computer problems.

So, now we have two new computers and life is beautiful again. 

When Lyndsey was home Christmas, she told me about a leak in my shower.  This was an unusual leak.  Faucets normally leak when even when the water is off.  I had no leak coming from the shower head.  This leak was at the hot water valve handle and only leaked when the water was on.  You have to be kidding me!  So, again I go to the shop and get the right tools.  This faucet valve needed entirely different washers and O-rings than my two previous plumbing jobs.  So, I replaced the injured faucet parts and turned the water on until a trip to the plumbing store on Monday.  I also decided it was time to replace the shower head, so I ordered one.  It will be here in a few weeks so I will be in the plumbing business again.  And yes, I will remember to use the right tools.

I have learned that when God gives us a job, He will provide the RIGHT TOOLS.  If we take on a job that He doesn’t assign, He will not provide the RIGHT TOOLS.  If we want to keep serving God, we must keep learning.  We must be interruptible and available.  Yesterday’s growth cannot suffice for today.  We must remain teachable and flexible.  God is the Potter; we are the clay.  He will do what He wishes.  We must allow Him to mold us in the way He desires.  Then we will be equipped with the RIGHT TOOLS for the job.  That is what God’s molding is all about.




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