I am a baseball fan.  Specifically, I am a Texas Longhorn fan.  Pam and I went to the Houston College Classic at Minute Maid Park this past weekend.  The highlight of the trip was seeing Chelsea.  We were expecting to see her because of an exchange of text messages.  Chelsea graduated from The University of Texas and has a cousin pitching for the Rice Owls.  Friday nite it was Owls vs. Longhorns.  Her cousin Taylor (#26) was pitching for Rice and the Texas pitcher’s name was Taylor (#26). Each did a great job for their team.  Both starting pitchers with the same first names and same number.  How often does this happen?

Many people think that baseball is a really boring sport.  Not me!  Each coach and his assistants are continually adjusting their offensive and defensive game plans.  The circumstances at each pitch and swing of the bat dictate the needed adjustments for the next pitch and swing of the bat.  Each coach wants his lead-off batter to get on base and the other team’s coach is calling each pitch to prevent this happening.  The pitcher and the batter, as well as their coaches, are trying to out think each other.  (This is crazy…right?  The pitcher may think that the batter thinks that the pitcher thinks that the batter thinks that the pitcher thinks.)  Then the circumstances change and the thinking starts over again.  What is the ball and strike count?….how many outs?….how many runners on base, etc?

Each coach gives instructions to his player by “signs.”  This allows each player to know what their coach wants done.  He may not understand the details of the coaches plan, but if he is going to stay in the game, it takes obedience to the plan.  In each game there are well over 100 pitches.  Can you imagine the quick decisions that are necessary in order to overcome the circumstances on each pitch of the game?

As you can imagine, I could go on, and on, and on.  The action may seem slow on the field but each pitch has the potential for great excitement.  Maybe it’s this anticipation that makes me love the game.  I am a thinker and problem solver so maybe it excites me to try to figure out what’s going on in each coach’s mind. 

Baseball is pretty complicated and so is life. 

God had a plan at the beginning.  His plan was to have relationship with His creation.  Along came Satan and threw some deceptive pitches at Even.  I don’t know whether they were fast balls, change-ups, curve balls, etc., but these pitches definitely fooled Eve.  So…..sin enter the garden when Eve went to bat.  She didn’t remember the coach”s (God) instructions for His game plan. 

Each time we up step to the plate of life we must make a decision.  Are we obedient to the instructions of our Coach?  And, like in baseball, the circumstances in life are ever changing and we must be continually listening to God.  One thing that is very important.  We can’t just sit in the dugout and watch the game.  We must step up to the plate because someone’s life may depend on it.  We must never let an opportunity go to waste when God needs to use us.  How we play the game of life may affect someone else.  I know it will affect our own lives.  We may never know how we swing the bat will affect others, but that doesn’t matter.  The COACH knows!


3 Responses to ““STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE””

  1. RootsAndRings Says:

    It was great to see y’all too!!!

    Just saw this article and thought you’d enjoy it!

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    I am only a little jealous that you got to see chelsea and watch the horns.

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