On March 18, 1978, Pam and I were married.  As the time for the wedding ceremony approached, everyone was there, almost!  The preacher was running a little late and we were on the CB radio trying to reach him.  We knew his wife from work.  Her CB Handle was:  “Lady Soul Saver.”  We finally reached her and they were on the way.  What a relief.  We were beginning to think we had been left “standing at the altar.”

Anyone who is married realizes the things that can go wrong as the wedding day nears.  We lived in College Station, Texas and the wedding was to be in Houston.  As I began to get dressed in my new wedding suit and shoes, everything was going great.  When I attempted to put on my shoes, one shoe was size 10 and the other was size 8.  PANIC!!!  I went back to the shoe store and made a trade for two of the same size.  But, after the delay I was still able to make it to Houston on time.

I really like the custom of not seeing the bride before the wedding begins.  Everyone was ready and all we needed now was the bride.  Pam was beautiful when she entered.  Pam and I had decided to face the guests rather than have our backs to them.  This worked fine for everyone but the preacher.    He became a little confused about who was the groom and who was the bride.  He would speak to me and look at Pam and speak to Pam and look at me.  But, we all made it through the ceremony.

We spent the night in Houston and left for the Bahamas the next morning.  We arrived on schedule but there was a small problem.  Our luggage didn’t arrive with us.  We departed the airport for the hotel with the promise that our luggage would follow when it arrived.  My luggage arrived either that afternoon or the next morning…..I don’t remember after 32 years.  We had no swimsuits so we just looked out the window at the beach where people were basking in the sun and having a good time in general.  We learned on this trip to always take cosmetics and other immediate needs in a carry-on bag. 

I became really acquainted with the baggage agent at the airport.  I would call four or five times each day, and after a couple of days I wasn’t really too happy.  Finally the baggage agent was “out” each time I called.  But, I was determined and  on one call I heard the person answering the phone tell the baggage agent that Mr. Burrows was not going to stop calling.  So she answered the call.  They have an odd custom in the Bahamas.  When they don’t understand or agree with you they say “Hello.”  Well, right in the middle of my ranting  she interrupted with “Hello.”  I remember my response well:  “Hello, hell!”  She told me maybe Pam’s luggage was in New Orleans.  We had a straight-through flight from Houston to Miami, and then to Nassau.  I told the baggage agent that I didn’t believe they had thrown the luggage out as we flew over New Orleans.

We did the only thing possible in this situation.  We bought cosmetics, swimsuits, and other clothes for Pam and enjoyed the sun and fun of the Bahamas.  On the day we were leaving we came down to check out and there in the lobby was Pam’s luggage.  The bellman loaded our baggage for the airport.  Pam’s luggage just made a quick round trip.

We had a great trip.  We rented bicycles and got lost in the wrong part of the island.  All the cars drove on the wrong side of the roads.  We shopped in the market, sunned on the beach, visited Paradise Island, and dined and danced the nights away.

As I look back over the last 32 years, I realize that if this happened today I would look at it with a “different view.”  During these years we have experienced many things.  Many wonderful times.  Some not so wonderful times.  But, we have grown together and we have grown in our relationship with God.  Through all of our learning experiences we now try to take things as just another “adventure” in life.  We always try to remember what  Jesus said:  “My peace I give you.” 

All the “things” we thought we couldn’t do without on our honeymoon trip were really just things.  That’s not the view I took and at the time……….but that’s the view I take today.  It may not be convenient, but they are not really the most important   things.  God’s grace is truly sufficient! 

P.S.  Pam, as I look back over each of the 32 years…….YES!  I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!





2 Responses to ““A DIFFERENT VIEW””

  1. pam Says:

    and, mr. burrows,i too would do it all again. you have blessed me, allowed me to grow and held my heart close to yours.
    i hope my Precious Lord can say the same about me. i love you

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    this made me cry.

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