Your life’s priorities are whatever you spend time doing.  What are you doing with your time?  Whether you realize it or not, those activities are your priorities.

Most of us never even think about what we spend our time doing  We get up, we go to work, we come home at the end of the day.  We’re just going through the motions never really thinking about what we do or how we do it or even why we do it.

Think about why you’re doing something.  Think about all the things you spend your time doing on an average day or even on the weekend.  Why do you do those things?  Are they really life priorities or do you just do them because that’s what you’ve always done?  Also, do you always do something that’s taking a lot of your time without even realizing it?  Is there something you could be doing that would make you happier?

Think about how you’re doing something.  Is there a better way of doing the things you’ve decided are life priorities?  By thinking of more efficient ways to do things, you’ve just suddenly freed up your valuable time.  You’ve just given yourself more time to do something you want to do and all you’ve done is change how you accomplished one of your other life priorities.

Are there things you want to do?  Would you like to have more time just for you.  It’s important to take the time and consider what things you want to do or see or accomplish in your life.  It’s easy to get caught up in the rush just to accomplish all your daily life activities and to not really consider what you want to do or have in your life.  Once you know what you want then you can take the steps to achieve it.  It’s a matter of paying attention to our daily routine and figuring out whether it’s the best use of our time or not.

Setting priorities is not about establishing rigid rules that don’t take into consideration the change in circumstances.  Of one thing we can be sure.  Circumstances change and we must make adjustments continuously through life.


What is our ultimate priority?  What should we pursue more than anything else?  What is worth boasting about?  Some business leaders would answer, “Wealth and Investments.”  Some educational or political leaders would reply, “Intelligence and strategy.”  Some athletic or sports leaders might respond, “Strength and speed.”

But Jeremiah warns us against boasting about any of these.  These are valuable resources, but not ultimate priorities.  The only thing worth boasting about is a vital relationship with God.  The others are merely a means to an end.

Leaders must recognize the difference between these two:

The Ultimate                                        

1.  God is the source                               

2.  He provides a life                                

3.  Spiritual things are the end     

The Immediate

1.  The others are a resource

2.  These provide a living

3.  Material things are a means to an end     

You are a leader!  Everyone is a leader to someone!


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