The La Quebrada cliff diver traditions have been passed down through generations.  It involves a diver jumping from 148 foot cliff into a narrow pocket of deep ocean water.  The landing zone for the dive is only 9 1/2 feet deep.  This requires the diver to hit the water with outstretched hands, followed by his head which must hit the water at a point between the eyebrows and half-way back on the scalp.  Any error here will result in a broken neck.  It is a beautiful sight to see these dives.

You will see the divers climb up the rock, pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe in a small shrine and perform this spectacular dive.  For better viewing in the evening dives, the divers jump with torches.  These fearless fellows dive into a narrow inlet where huge waves enter and crash over the rocks.  The timing of their dives is crucial and must be perfectly executed due to the dangerous water conditions below.

The trick to the dive is that the jump must be made considering the wind, time between leaving the cliff (about 3 seconds) and hitting the water and the tide.  If the water level is not deep enough, the diver will not have the 30 feet (horizontal) to clear the dangerous rocky bottom.  Some people say the dive reaches 50 mph and other say    80 mph.  At either speed, the risk of injury is high.  The dives differ in levels of difficulty, in some cases a spectacular show is formed in a duo dive.


When I was stationed in Germany with the US Army, I visited Berlin and dived from the tower of the olympic pool.  The impact on hitting the water was great and that diving tower was almost 33 feet and the water 10 feet deep.  I can only imagine what it would be like from the top of a 148 foot cliff into 9 1/2 feet of water, and hitting the water at the correct time.  It was a lot more fun watching!!!!!

I can really see the importance of what is passed from one generation to the next.  These divers would not like to feel guilty about leaving out even a small part of the training.  There can be no mistakes.  I have been told that there have been no deaths on these cliff dives.  That is amazing.  This tradition started over 70 years ago.  The divers are definitely aware of the need for prayer.  On the crawl to the top of the rocks they stop at the shrine to pray…..without fail.

I was reading in Jeremiah this morning about the message God gave him for Israel.  God told the prophet that He was about to destroy a sinful generation, a group of stubborn men and women who had turned to the basest kind of idolatry.  God told Jeremiah, “Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to me; for I will not hear you.”

One generation had failed to pass down to the next generation the commands of God.  Is this what has happened to this nation today?  Has each generation failed to train the next generation about the word of God?   In Jeremiah’s time, God spoke through the prophets. There is a difference today. Today we have access to God through the Son.  I believe that God speaks to us in many ways.  But, I also believe we need to learn how to listen and hear.  Then, we must always be listening.


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