As I watched the Winter Olympics this year, I thought of two things:  Decisions and Self-Discipline.  Being an olympian is all about setting a goal.  That is the easy part.  We have all set goals in ours lives.  There are small goals along the way and most are easy to accomplish.  Those larger goals are when we make the decision to be the best at what we do.  Many of these athletes begin training at a very early age.  I often wonder if the goal was set by the athlete, a parent, or someone else of influence.  One of the couples in the skating competition have been skating together for 13 years…..they are 22 and 23 years old.

I will always be grateful for my mother.  She sat me down when I was in the sixth grade and explained all the professions.  I set my goal that day.  I wanted to be a Certified Public Accountant.  Of course, I got off track a few times, but I never took my sight off the goal.  It’s easy to veer to the left or the right, but I learned  much from the experience.  Maybe I should have had a coach and trainer during that time.  But I would probably wonder what I had missed…..probably nothing.

Regardless of who makes the decision, the lives of many people are affected.  It is hard for me to imagine the training and self-discipline involved in reaching such lofty goals.  And, I am sure this cannot be accomplished alone.  There are parents, trainers, coaches and I have not idea what all of that involves.

Each of these participants must train to perfection.  Even then, one wrong move and you are out of the competition and in many cases suffer serious injury.  It is hard for me to realize the danger involved until I see someone injured on a ski jump, bob-sled, or snowboard, etc.

Athletes from countries across the world enter the various events but there are only 3 medals in each.  Those who aren’t awarded a medal are not losers.  They were just not as good as the medal winners at that particular time.  I consider each participating athlete a winner.  There among the best in the world.

I always wonder what kind of life some of these athletes have when they have to be so focused on the goal and disciplined in their training.  What kind of relationships do they experience?  Do they have time for the pleasures God provides for us each day? 

They become leaders and are looked up to by many people because of their talent. 

Each of us are leaders in some way to someone because of the decisions we make.  That is why it is so important that we make the right ones.  Whether right or wrong, our decisions affect others and are an awesome responsibility. After decision comes self-discipline.  I believe that self-discipline is when you allow God to always have a part in your decisions.  Sometimes we tell God, “This is a small decision, I can handle it myself.”  Well, discipline is when He has a part in the insignificant decisions as well as the enormous ones.  We sometimes forget the importance of how our actions affect others. 



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